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Learn How The Theme of Samus Has Evolved From BillPill

A new video by BillPill analyzes one of Metroid’s most iconic tracks, the Theme of Samus, show and appreciate how the song has been utilized to introduce players to everyone’s  favorite bounty hunter.

BillPill has taken a deep look into each variation of the theme to find out what makes the track so iconic, how it establishes mood for each game it appears in, and which variation of the theme is truly the best.

The theme of Metroid’s protagonist Samus Aran first graced the ears of gamers in Super Metroid’s opening scene in 1994.  The theme has since been featured throughout the series, across both 2D and 3D Metroid games, and always with the appearance of Samus.

Personally, Metroid Dread’s rendition steals the show with Super Metroid’s original score trailing closely behind.  Watch this video to review all of the Themes of Samus. Then let us know what your favorite rendition is and what moments you fondly remember experiencing while this amazing theme played in the background!


Source:  BillPill