Metroid Prime Walkthrough – Beam Combos

Here you’ll find the locations for each Beam Combo upgrade in the game, as well as the requirements needed to get them.


Super Missile

Location: Observatory, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: None (required to progress the game)

Method: As you progress through the game, you will naturally come across the Super Missiles.

Description: Used with Power Beam. A single Super Missile shot costs 5 missiles.



Location: Tower of Light, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Super Missiles

Method: Use your Super Missiles to break the rock foundations holding up the Tower. Once you’ve destroyed three levels worth of foundations, the Tower will shrink down, allowing you to grab the Wavebuster.

Description: Used with Wave Beam. Fire’s a continuous shot that costs 10 missiles to activate and 5 missiles per second afterwards.


Ice Spreader

Location: Shore Runnel, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Power Bombs

Method: Lay a Power Bomb in the glass tube and wait for the explosion to shatter the glass. Drop down to get the Ice Spreader.

Description: Used with Ice Beam. Ice Spreader is a Single Shot Charge Combo.​ Each shot costs 10 Missiles.



Location: Storage Depot A via Security Access B, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Power Bombs, Plasma Beam

Method: Lay a Power Bomb by the Bendezium gate towards the end of the hallway and scan the terminal. A barrier around a Plasma Door will disappear, allowing you to enter the new room. The Flamethrower will await you there.

Description: Used with Plasma Beam. The Flamethrower is the Plasma Charge Combo. Flamethrower is a Sustained Fire Charge Combo. It takes 10 Missiles to activate, then 5 Missiles per second afterwards.