Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Walkthrough – Energy Cells

Here you’ll find the location for every Energy Cell in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.

Energy Cells are the Corruption equivalent to Artifacts or Sky Temple Keys. You’ll need to collect them and place them inside the G.F.S. Valhalla in order to acquire the Space Pirate Code that will let you travel to the planet Phaaze.

It’s worth noting that in Metroid Prime 3, there’s a room in Eastern SkyTown called the Chozo Observatory that, when you activate the numerous bomb slots in the room, will send satellites into the sky, giving you the item locations for every expansion in the same! The Expansions will appear as white dots on the map, giving you nothing more than that to go off of. As a caution: any items on the G.F.S. Valhalla will NOT show up on your map!


Energy Cell #1

Location: Hangar Bay, Bryyo Cliffside

Requirements: None

Before getting your ship missiles, use the elevator to go up to the second level of the room. Slip through a Morph Ball tunnel and you’ll be in a small operating station that’s shielded off. Pull out the Energy Cell in the wall.


Energy Cell #2

Location: Xenoresearch B, Eastern SkyTown

Requirements: None

You will collect this Energy Cell as part of the main story on your way to obtaining the Seeker Missiles.


Energy Cell #3

Location: Hidden Court, Bryyo Cliffside

Requirements: Ship Grapple, Boost Ball

In the North Jungle Court room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle, use your Ship Grapple to pick up the generator. Make your way across the Machineworks Bridge – Note: you will have had to open both sides before you can traverse it, and each side can only be opened from one portion of Bryyo – and make your way to Hidden Court. Boost up to the higher ledge and follow it around to grab the Energy Cell.


Energy Cell #4 

Location: Generator B, Norion

Requirements: None

Defeat the Metroid Hatcher in this room and once its eliminated, follow the Morph Ball tunnel to grab this Energy Cell.


Energy Cell #5 

Location: Command Courtyard, Pirate Command

Requirements: None

You’ll encounter this Energy Cell as part of the main story on your way to acquire the X-Ray Visor.


Energy Cell #6 

Location: Metroid Processing, Pirate Research

Requirements: None

When entering the lower section of this room, to the right will be a circuit board that needs repair. To the left, this Energy Cell will be in the wall.


Energy Cell #7

Location: Ballista Storage, SkyTown

Requirements: Grapple Voltage

Return to this room and Steamlord and his minions will be there to confront you. Defeat it and then charge the two terminals using your Grapple Voltage to open the door guarding this Energy Cell.


Energy Cell #8 

Location: Phazon Quarry, Pirate Mines

Requirements: Nova Beam

Entering from Drill Shaft 2, simply walk into the control part of the Phazon Quarry that’s behind the shields and remove this Energy Cell


Energy Cell #9

Location: Docking Bay 5, G.F.S. Valhalla

Requirements: None

Simply walk up to some wreckage to the right of the Valhalla’s entrance and you’ll see this Energy Cell laying on the ground.


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