Metroid: Zero Mission Walkthrough – Power Bomb Expansions

Power Bomb Expansions 

Here you’ll find the location for every Power Bomb Expansion in Metroid: Zero Mission, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Power Bomb Expansion #1

Location: Chozodia

Requirements: None

You will acquire this expansion as part of the natural progression of the game.


Power Bomb Expansion #2

Location: Chozodia

Requirements: Power Bombs

From the room where you grabbed Power Bomb Expansion #1, head right. Lay another Power Bomb in this room and the ceiling will give away, revealing POWER BOMB EXPANSION #2!


Power Bomb Expansion #3

Location: Chozodia

Requirements: Power Bombs

Make your way to the Map Room and head out the door on your right. Head outside, climbing up the ledges until you see a ledge that, on your map, should have a circle on it, indicating a power up. Drop a Power Bomb, and roll inside the tunnel to grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #3.


Power Bomb Expansion #4

Location: Chozodia

Requirements: Power Bombs, Speed Boost

Make your way from here to the “secret” area of Chozodia (the area where the map is green and not blue). Drop down the huge vertical hallway and stop when you get to a bridge with a big glass tube. In one of the Metroid series; proudest traditions, drop a Power Bomb and watch the glass explode. Drop down and take the path to your right first. Lay a Power Bomb at the wall and press right. Charge up your Shinespark and fly towards the top of this tall hallway and grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #4.


Power Bomb Expansion #5

Location: Chozodia

Requirements: Missiles

Get to the room that’s directly under where Super Missile Expansion #6 was hiding. There should be three tunnels, one on the ground, one in the middle, and one towards the top of the room. Roll through the topmost one and continue until you’re at the rightmost corner. Aim three missiles at the ceiling to destroy the blocks there and jump up to grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #5


Power Bomb Expansion #6

Location: Chozodia (via Crateria)

Requirements: Power Bombs, Missiles

Once you arrive, make your way to the top right portion of the area, referred to as the Chozo Ruins. About halfway up the far right wall is a blast door inside the mouth of a Chozo Statue. Head into the door and follow the path back into Chozodia. You should run into a nook that, if you drop a Power Bomb, will have a missile block on the left wall. Destroy it to grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #6.


Power Bomb Expansion #7

Location: Crateria

Requirements: Speed Booster, Power Bombs

From here, make your way to the elevator that takes you from Crateria to Norfair. Instead of going down, though, head towards the left (our goal is the room where Samus’s ship used to sit, RIP). Along the way, you should see two Power Bomb block on  the floor; destroy them to get rid of them permanently. Start Speed Boosting and run towards the left. When you get to the room where Samus’s Ship was, crouch and charge your Shinespark. Jump up on the little ledge and position yourself on the little platform that seems a bit more level than the rest of the slope. Morph down and release your Shinespark, BUT – release it to the Northwest (up and left)!! You’ll go flying like a little cannonball and eventually crash into the cliff wall. If you positioned yourself right, you should have created a little tunnel that, once you lay a Power Bomb to clear the rest of the blocks, you can grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #7 in. As always, see Shinespark Puzzles for full video.


Power Bomb Expansion #8

Location: Tourian

Requirements: Super Missiles

Get yourself to the destroyed spot where Mother Brain’s Tank sat atop and lay some bombs on the floor. You’ll see a Super Missile block appear; destroy it, drop down, and grab POWER BOMB EXPANSION #8!


Power Bomb Expansion #9

Location: Norfair

Requirements: Gravity Suit, Space Jump, Missiles

Get yourself to the vertical hallway that connects to the Map Station. Once there, drop all the way down to the bottom of the shaft, into the lava. Once you’re on the lava floor, lay a few bombs and you’ll see a Missile block on the ground that you can destroy to drop down even farther. Do so and take the door on your left.

You’ll be in a room full of lava now, but no big deal. Start climbing up and about halfway through the room, there will be a little alcove on the right side of the room with an expansion in plain site. You’ll need to roll over and bomb the block below the Expansion; as it gives away, you’ll drop down, and unfortunately, all the blocks below it are Pitfall Blocks. You should have enough time as you’re falling to quickly blast a missile above you, destroying the missile block directly under the Expansion. Finish dropping, quickly roll back and jump up to get MISSILE EXPANSION #46.

We’re not done in this room yet, though. Go back to the bottom most ledge on the left side and there will be three missile blocks in the wall about halfway up. Destroy them and go into a new shaft filled with lava. Simply jump up and you’ll run straight into POWER BOMB EXPANSION #9.



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