Metroid Prime Walkthrough – Energy Tanks

Energy Tanks

Here you’ll find the location for every Energy Tank in Metroid Prime, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Energy Tank #1

Location: Transport Access North, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Missiles, Beat Hive Mecha

After defeating Hive Mecha, use a Missile to destroy the blast door leading into Transport Access North; the Energy Tank will be right in front of you.


Energy Tank #2

Location: Furnace, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Morph Ball, Bombs

Use the Morph Ball tunnel to roll through and find this Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #3

Location: Main Plaza, through Vault, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Morph Ball

This Energy Tank will be unmissable when entering the Main Plaza through the Vault.



Energy Tank #4

Location: Transport Tunnel A, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Bombs, Bomb Jumping

Bomb jump up the tunnel several times to get this Tank.


Energy Tank #5

Location: Ruined Courtyard, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Boost Ball, Bombs, Morph Ball

Follow the puzzle to raise the water. There’s a small Morph Ball tunnel below the last platform. Slip inside to get Tank.


Energy Tank #6

Location: Research Lab Aether, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Missiles

Shoot a missile to break the glass of the holding tube the Tank rests inside.


Energy Tank #7

Location: Magmoor Workstation, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Wave Beam, Thermal Visor, Morph Ball

Shoot the three power sources using your Thermal Visor and Wave Beam to restore power to machine. Quickly complete puzzle to drain lava, and you’ll roll into this tank at the end.


Energy Tank #8

Location: Cargo Freight Lift to Deck Gamma, Tallon Overworld

Requirements: None

Simply blast a charge shot at the grate and grab the Tank.


Energy Tank #9

Location: Hydro Access Tunnel, Tallon Overworld

Requirements: Gravity Suit, Bombs

Bomb Jump up twice to the top and grab the Tank.


Energy Tank #10

Location:  Ventilation Shaft, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Power Bombs

Blow up the Bendezium plate on the floor. Roll through and scan the terminal to activate the fan. The fan will destroy the other wall, revealing the tank.


Energy Tank #11

Location: Processing Center Access via Elite Quarters, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Defeat Omega Pirate

You will walk straight into this Tank by following the path out of the Elite Quarters.


Energy Tank #12

Location: Transport Access, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Plasma Beam

Shoot the sheet of ice blocking the tunnel and grab the Tank.


Energy Tank #13

Location: Hall of the Elders, Chozo Ruin

Requirements: Ice Beams

Break the Ice Beam seal on the Chozo Statue and drop in the Chozo Statue. It will throw you into a room with an Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #14

Location: Training Chamber, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Boost Ball, Spider Ball

Use the half pipe to active the bomb slot. Quickly make your way to the lift and ride it up. Grab the spider rails at the top and roll over to grab the Tank.