Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough – Power Bomb Expansions

Here you’ll find the location for every Power Bomb Expansion in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Power Bomb Expansion #1

Location: Transit Station, Sanctuary Fortress

Requirements: Power Bombs, Dark Beam, Light Beam, Spider Ball, Morph Ball

Use a Power Bomb to break open the middle door in this room and then teleport to Dark Aether. Defeat the Ingsmasher and then teleport back. Roll through a tunnel to another blocked door and then teleport back to Dark Aether again. Once there, climb the Spider Tracks, warping back to Light Aether one last time. Once back, again follow the Spider Tracks until you land right on top of this Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion #2

Location: Main Gyro Chamber, Sanctuary Fortress

Requirements: Echo Visor, Annihilator Beam, Morph Ball

Use your Echo Visor in conjunction with your Annihilator Beam to unlock the sonic door blocking access to the Kinetic Orb Cannon. Once the door is gone, step inside and the Cannon will launch you right into the Gyro core, destroying it and revealing this Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion #3

Location: Sanctuary Entrance, Sanctuary Fortress

Requirements: Spider Ball

Use the turret in the middle of the Sanctuary Entrance to destroy the rocks high above the entrance door on the right, and the debris on the edge of the platform leading into the Fortress on your left. Go towards the side that the debris was blocking and you’ll see some Spider Tracks. Follow them up towards the top of the Entrance and you’ll see a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Use it and it will blast you away, where you’ll land right beside this Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion #4

Location: Dynamo Chamber, Temple Grounds

Requirements: Power Bombs

Lay a Power Bomb to break open the gate and walk into the passageway below the platform. A scan of the wall will reveal that it’s weak to Denzium, so lay another Power Bomb and you’ll see the Expansion exposed and waiting.


Power Bomb Expansion #5

Location: Sandcanyon, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Screw Attack, Power Bombs

When you enter the Sandcanyon, instead of entering the Kinetic Orb Cannon, Screw Attack over the vista to the middle platform. Lay a Power Bomb, and the entire structure will give away, exposing the Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion #6

Location: Feeding Pit, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: Light Suit

So you might technically be able to snag this without the Light Suit if you act quickly, but the best practice is to wait until you have it, and then jump into the toxic water in the Feeding Pit. Once you’re fully submerged, you’ll find the Expansion tucked away in a small alcove.


Power Bomb Expansion #7

Location: Great Bridge, Torvus Bog

Requirements: Power Bombs

At the top of the bridge, lay a Power Bomb to destroy the Denzium blocking a Morph Ball tunnel. Once the path is clear, enter the tunnel and you’ll roll right into the Expansion.



Power Bomb Expansion #8

Location: Putrid Alcove, Dark Torvus Bog

Requirements: Power Bombs

Lay a Power Bomb next to the portion of the wall made of Denzium; once the material is destroyed, you’ll be able to claim the Expansion.


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