Metroid: Zero Mission Walkthrough – Special Abilities

Here you’ll find a list of some of Samus’s special abilities. Some of these are fairly crucial to the progression of the game, and essential if you want to get 100% powerups, so practice some of these until you’re a pro. Here is a list of Samus’s special abilities, and how you can pull them off.



How to do it: Speed Boost until you are blue, and then press down on the control pad. Samus will blink for a few seconds. At this time, press the jump button to launch yourself straight upwards. Conversely, you can also launch yourself to the right or left by pressing the direction and then jump.

Usefulness: Absolutely critical. Master this, for there are several powerups that are unobtainable without the proper usage of Shinesparking.


Wall Jump

How to do it: Jump towards a wall, making sure that Samus is spinning in the air. When you connect with the wall, immediately press the jump button again and Samus will go jumping in the opposite direction. For an even more advanced technique, hold the directional pad against the same wall you just jumped off of to jump again. Once you’ve mastered this ability, you can chain a series of “single-wall” wall jumps to do a TON of sequence breaks and faster traversal.

Usefulness: Extremely, and thankfully, wall jumping is easier than ever in Metroid: Zero Mission.


Bomb Jump

How to do it: Get into Morph Ball form, jump and lay a bomb, and then jump when the bomb is about to explode again. You’ll be shot up higher, so quickly lay another bomb at the apex of your jump. Keep laying bombs in this rhythm and you’ll see yourself climb higher.

Usefulness: Not overly useful, but you can access an Energy Tank earlier than intended with this technique. Absolutely essential when doing low% runs however.


Dessgeega Bait

How to do it: After collecting the Long Beam and exiting the Tourian statue chamber in Brinstar at the beginning of the game, a Dessgeega will drop from the ceiling and ambush the player when they fall in the pit at the end of the hallway. However, you can trigger the Dessgeega to drop down without falling into the pit with a well-timed somersault jump. Go to the edge just before the pit, somersault into the top right corner of the ceiling and pull back quickly to land back on the platform. If done correctly, you’ll have the high ground just like Obi-Wan once did, with an untouchable perch to quickly take out the creature.

Usefulness: Can be useful if you are low on health, but that shouldn’t be an issue considering the Chozo Statue recharge shortly before this encounter. It’s mainly just a fun party trick.


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