Metroid Walkthough

Welcome to the full walkthrough for the game that started it all, 1986’s Metroid for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Often called NEStroid in the community, this game is widely available to play on many platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, which offers many quality of life upgrades and features. Still, though, nothing beats a good ol’ map, so if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to pay homage to Metroid’s roots, then fire up the OG game and use this guide as a companion to your journey through Zebes!

Additionally, available for download is the Hand Drawn Games Guide walkthrough from Phillip Summers, an incredible walkthrough with original artwork. Thank you to Phil for all the hard work and for allowing us to share his project with you!


Metroid: Hand Drawn Games Guide by Phillip Summers (Download)



100% Map & Routes

Missile Expansions

Energy Tanks