Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Walkthrough – Ship Missile Expansions

Here you’ll find the location for every Ship Missile Expansions in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.

It’s worth noting that in Metroid Prime 3, there’s a room in Eastern SkyTown called the Chozo Observatory that, when you activate the numerous bomb sAs a caution: any items on the G.F.S. Valhalla will NOT show up on your map! Also don’t forget about Bryyo Ice since that map isn’t accessible unless you’re in the area.


Ship Missile Expansion #1

Location: Auxiliary Dynamo, Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Requirements: Grapple Lasso

Use the Lasso to move an obstacle obstructing a Morph Ball tunnel towards the back-center of the room and then enter from the east side. Roll through the tunnel and you’ll see this Ship Expansion at the end.


Ship Missile Expansion #2

Location: Security Station, SkyTown

Requirements: Plasma Beam

In the lower level of the Security Station, melt away some alloy with your Plasma Beam to discover a Morph Ball tunnel. Follow the tunnel to its end and you’ll roll straight into the Ship Expansion.


Ship Missile Expansion #3

Location: Hall of Remembrance, Bryyo Ice

Requirements: Screw Attack

In the upper part of this room, shoot the Chozo Statue hand so it becomes a platform for you to land on when you Screw Attack across. Instead of Screw Attacking to the other side, turn to your left and you’ll see the Ship Expansion floating in an alcove on the Golem Statue’s head.


Ship Missile Expansion #4

Location: Colossus Vista, Bryyo Cliffside

Requirements: Ship Grapple

Pick up the Golem Head in the Fuel Gel Pool room in Bryyo Cliffside and have your ship drop it off into the Golem body in the Colossus Vista. The Golem will activate, causing the barriers guarding this Ship Expansion to break.


Ship Missile Expansion #5

Location: Hoverplant Docking Site, SkyTown

Requirements: Spider Ball, Boost Ball, Screw Attack

As you’re Screw Attacking across the vista, stop when you see Spider Tracks and follow them up. You’ll need to follow the winding path and perform several Boosts to reach the Ship Missiles.


Ship Missile Expansion #6

Location: Scrapworks, Pirate Research

Requirements: Boost Ball, Spider Ball

Use the Grab Ledge to enter the Morph Ball tunnel and work your way into the giant halfpipe. Boost up and use your Spider Ball to grab the Spider Tracks, allowing you to drop on a small ledge. Jump over to another ledge and then perform a double bomb jump to grab the Ship Missiles.


Ship Missile Expansion #7

Location: MedLab Alpha, G.F.S Valhalla

Requirements: None

In the Xenoresearch Lab room, insert two Energy Cells into the generator to power the unit and a Morph Ball tunnel will open up. Enter it and follow the tunnel through a couple of rooms until you pick up the Ship Missiles.


Ship Missile Expansion #8

Location: Processing Access, Pirate Mines

Requirements: Screw Attack, Nova Beam, X-Ray Visor

In the middle of the hallway, use your Nova Beam in conjunction with your X-Ray Visor to break the lock housing the Wall Jumping surface. Climb upwards and fire three missiles at the shield around these Ship Missiles to claim them.


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