Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough: Dark Temple Keys

Here you’ll find the location of all nine keys required to enter the Dark Agon, Dark Torvus, and Ing Hive Temples, as well a detailed description of how to acquire them and what equipment you’ll need.


Dark Agon Key #1

Location: Trial Tunnel, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: None

Simply walk in and claim the key. 


Dark Agon Key #2

Location: Doomed Entry, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: Dark Beam, Space Jump

After acquiring the Dark Beam, enter a portal through the Command Center in Agon Wastes. Once in Dark Aether, shoot down the light lift Crystal with your Dark Beam, jump up and grab the key.


Dark Agon Temple Key #3

Location: Battleground, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: None

Upon entering the Battleground, several Ing Warriors will steal the key. Dispose of them and the key will be yours.


Dark Torvus Temple Key #1

Location: Dark Torvus Arena, Dark Torvus Bog

Requirements: Boost Ball

After defeating the Boost Guardian, exit back into the Dark Torvus Arena and use the Boost Ball to grab this key.


Dark Torvus Temple Key #2

Location: Undertemple Access, Dark Torvus Bog

Requirements: Gravity Boost

Using your Gravity Boost, jump to the Dark Aether portal that’s midway down the Hydrodynamo Shaft in Torvus Bog. Go through and the key will be right in front of you.


Dark Torvus Temple Key #3

Location: Venomous Pond, Dark Torvus Bog 

Requirements: Grapple Beam

Simply Grapple using the hook in the middle ceiling of this room and swing over to get the last key.


Ing Hive Key #1

Location: Culling Chamber, Ing Hive 

Requirements: Spider Ball, Bombs

Find a Spider Track by the door nearest to the portal and zip up it. Follow the path and go all the way around (watch out for the Phazon) and bomb the wall housing the key. Roll inside to claim it.


Ing Hive Key #2

Location: Hive Gyro Chamber, Ing Hive

Requirements: Echoes Visor, Spider Ball, Boost Ball

After using your Echo Visor to gain access to this room, head upwards towards the giant Spider magnet Ball and use it Boost upwards to the circular rails surrounding the key. Get into position and boost across the rails, grabbing the key in the process.



Ing Hive Key #3

Location: Aerial Training Site, Ing Hive

Requirements: Screw Attack

From Main Research in Light Aether, tale the portal to Dark Aether and enter Central West Hive Transport. Use your Screw Attack to wall jump to the top of this room. Once there, go through the door to claim the key.


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