Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Walkthrough – Extras Gallery

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption has a selection of bonus art galleries that you can “purchase” by spending vouchers. You’ll unlock these during the course of your adventure by filling up your Logbook to 100% completion, defeating bosses, and acquiring all of the pick ups. Additionally, there are enemies in game called Red Phaazoids that will drop Golden Credits. Friend Credits (green) are particularly tricky, as the service needed to acquire them no longer works (though there are other workarounds you can use).

In addition to the art galleries, you can spend these credits on an in-game screenshot tool, 3D diorama’s, stickers for Samus’s Gunship, and a Mii Bobblehead to ride with you. Click on any images to expand.


Samus Package


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Creature Package 1


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Creature Package 2


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World Package 1


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World Package 2


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Storyboard Package 1


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Storyboard Package 2


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Mii Bobblehead

Ship Stickers


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