Metroid Fusion Walkthrough – Habitation Deck: Signs of Life



Main Deck

Adam will have some wild theories about the X and their motivations, but has more pertinent news for us: there may be survivors! There are signs of life coming from the Habitation Deck, so get ready to head back up to the Main Deck for the first time in quite a while.

Once you arrive in the Main Deck, head right towards the far room door. Once you get there, stop and start running back towards the elevator. Let your Speed Boost activate and run right past the elevator and you’ll go crashing into a wall in the next room, which will net you MISSILE EXPANSION #33. Continue on now towards the right.

Make your way to the Navigation Room on the bottom and from there, head into the vertical hallway with two Green doors at the top. One door will be blocked by an X barrier, so take the door on your left and ride the elevator up to the Habitation Deck.

Here, you’ll find a hallway with three Green doors. We want to take the one on the top, but there’s not really a great way to get there… or there wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for the X. Fortunately, the X will spawn two Xeno’s in the wall that we can freeze and use for convenient platforms to help us get to the top. Freeze them and scale upwards, entering the top Green door.

You’ll now be in a huge room that’s actually separated by levels and gates. You’ll notice two squares on the floor that can be bombed. Ignore the first square and go over to the second. Bomb it and drop down. Shoot the gate open and run to the furthest right hand side, but don’t actually leave the room. Run towards the left and your Speed Boost will activate, breaking the floor tiles. Drop down to the first level. Shoot the gates to your right open, stroll over and grab MISSILE EXPANSION #34.

Once you’ve grabbed that, head to the left most wall. It’s easy to miss this, but if you look at the wall, you can make out what seems to be a vent of some sorts. Jump on in and work your way upwards, once again using the frozen Xeno’s as platforms to get to the top. Once you’re at the top, release the lock on the Habitation Deck and out will come some Etecoons and Dachoras. Anyone familiar with Super Metroid will remember these friendly creatures as helpful buddies that taught Samus how to wall jump and Shinespark. You also will remember them from the ending escape sequence where we went out of our way to rescue them because we’re good people! Anyways, good to see them again.

We’re done in the Habitation Deck, so head back down the elevator and into the closest Navigation Room to check in with Adam.


Next Chapter: Sector 5 – First Encounter


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