Metroid Dread Walkthrough – Shinespark Puzzles

Metroid Dread has a litany of expansions hidden around ZDR that require precise execution of your Speed Booster and Shinespark ability in order to acquire them. See below for details and video on how these Shinespark puzzles should be completed.


Artaria Shinespark Puzzles

Missile Expansion #26

Location: Artaria E.M.M.I. Zone

Requirements: Morph Ball, Speed Boost


Make your way up into the E.M.M.I. Zone. Keep pressing upwards until you’re in a massive room that’s directly above the Energy Recharge Station and southeast of the Yellow Teleportal Station. You should see some spider tracks on the right hand side of the wall; climb them until you get to an open access door. Go through this door and start Speed Boosting. When you get to the end, stop and charge your Shinespark. Shoot the ledge in front of you and you’ll see a little nook open up; climb in the nook (you’ll be in Morph Ball form) and activate your Shinespark, heading left. You’ll go shooting to the left, past the door, through the giant room, and into a little tunnel where MISSILE EXPANSION #26 will be. 


Missile Expansion #38

Location: Artaria

Requirements: Speed Booster, Morph Ball


Drop down to the ground and start Speed Boosting. As you run, you’ll smash through a pillar hanging down, but there is a second pillar made up of not Speed Boost blocks, but Missile blocks. Shoot straight ahead at them as you’re running and then get ready – when you’re about to hit the edge before the door, SLIDE! You’ll go ripping through some Speed Boost blocks and roll, eventually hitting MISSILE EXPANSION #38!


Energy Tank #8

Location: Artaria

Requirements: Speed Boost, Flash Shift, Cross Bombs, Morph Ball


Head up from the Red Teleportal and make your way towards the Varia Suit room. Where there used to be a red missile cover, turn around and destroy the Grapple Block. Now, enter the Varia Suit room and run all the way towards the door leading to the high temperature area. Start Speed Boosting towards the left. When you get into the next room, charge your Shinespark, but watch out for the creatures on the ground! Once your Shinespark is charged, quickly get in the nook where the Grapple Block was and lay a Cross Bomb. Then quickly Flash Shift over the shutter. Unleash your Shinespark upwards and you’ll grab ENERGY TANK #8


Cataris Shinespark Puzzles

Missile Expansion #72

Location: Cataris

Requirements: Speed Booster


Head to the room that connects to the Dairon elevator (you should see this area flashing white). Get beside the used Wide Beam Box and start Speed Boosting. Charge your Shinespark and jump up to the slope above you. Release your Shinespark and quickly charge it again as you start to run. Jump up to the top and Shinespark straight up into the higher part of the ceiling. You’ll go crashing into MISSILE EXPANSION #72


Power Bomb Expansion #12

Location: Cataris E.M.M.I. Zone

Requirements: Speed Booster, Morph Ball


Get yourself to the Map Station and then enter the E.M.M.I. Zone. Head through the door on the left and in this new room, slide into the tunnel and roll about halfway through it, then drop a Power Bomb. Exit the tunnel and jump up and to the left, getting under the spider tracks and heading into the next room. Start Speed Boosting back towards the tunnel, sliding under the pillar and then charging your Shinespark. Quickly roll into the tunnel and when you hit the blocks, activate your Shinespark to the right. You should go crashing right into POWER BOMB EXPANSION #12.


Dairon Shinespark Puzzles

Missile+ Tank #4

Location: Dairon

Requirements: Speed Booster


You’ll need to trigger your Speed Boost, run straight towards the right, jump, exit the E.M.M.I. Zone, keep running, wall jump and then quickly slide into the next room. You’ll want to wall jump to keep your momentum for consecutive floors, and then you’ll go crashing through a wall to get MISSILE TANK #4


Energy Part #15

Location: Dairon

Requirements: Speed Boost, Space Jump, Gravity Suit


Get to this bottom and start Speed Boosting. Charge up your Shinespark and then jump towards the top of the room as quickly and efficiently as you can. Once you’re at the top, midair Shinespark to your left and you’ll go crashing through the wall. Open the door and grab ENERGY PART #15.


Burenia Shinespark Puzzles

Missile+ Tank #9

Location: Burenia

Requirements: Speed Booster, Ice Missiles, Morph Ball, Bombs


From the Green Teleportal Station, bomb the lower right corner of the room and drop down. Blast away the three Enky’s in your way and go through the door to grab ENERGY PART #10. This is where things get tricky.

Jump up and open the door. Get as far back as you can and start Speed Boosting. Run back into the first room and the floor under you will give out. Charge your Shinespark and drop down and QUICKLY run into the next room! Immediately slide and then as you’re falling, shoot downwards! This will break some blocks under you. As you’re falling and before you get too low, but AFTER you’ve fallen through the beam blocks, line up your Shinespark and release it in midair (do this by pressing Y+B at the same time) and shoot over to the slope on the left. You’ll start running; AS SOON as you get into the new screen, SLIDE, and you’ll go under a pillar. IMMEDIATELY crouch and charge your Shinespark after! Drop down and once again line up a midair Shinespark, releasing to the right. Charge your Shinespark as soon as you get to the top of the hill and drop down. Shinespark one last time and you’ll go crashing into MISSILE TANK #9. Whooooof. Congrats – that might be the hardest expansion in the game. 


Ferenia Shinespark Puzzles

Missile Expansion #48

Location: Ferenia

Requirements: Speed Boost, Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, Bombs


Start Speed Boosting towards the left and charge it before you hit the wall. Get in Morph Ball form and unleash your Shinespark; you’ll see a little alcove open up. Get in there and lay a bomb, allowing you to drop down. Pull out the Grapple block and then go back through the Charge door. Start Speed Boosting again; charge your Shinespark and quickly slide through the tunnel, shoot the floor, drop down and get yourself into the nook where the Grapple block was. NOW is the time to unleash your Shinespark! You’ll go crashing towards the right and end up in another little alcove. Shoot the wall above the tunnel and you’ll grab MISSILE EXPANSION #48!

Missile+ Tank #5

Location: Ferenia

Requirements: Speed Booster


Go into the Dairon elevator room and start Boosting towards the right and through the door. Crouch and charge your Shinespark, and then quickly jump up, shoot the bricks, slide down, and activate your Shinespark midair to the right to grab MISSILE TANK #5


Missile+ Tank #8

Location: Ferenia

Requirements: Speed Booster, Morph Ball, Bombs


From the Ghaviran elevator room, head towards the door and wait for it to open. Once you see the door open, start Speed Boosting; you’ll enter into a new room where you’ll need to quickly jump to the higher platform. You’ll run for a second but then need to wall jump up to the higher platform. Immediately slide and you’ll go crashing through the bricks in a tunnel. When you emerge, immediately crouch and hold your Shinespark. Slide back into the tunnel and lay some bombs; you’ll see a vertical tunnel open up. Release your Shinespark and you’ll go crashing up, landing beside MISSILE TANK #8


Energy Part #13

Location: Ferenia

Requirements: Speed Booster


Get into the Dairon elevator room and start Speed Boosting. Slide under the pillar and charge your Shinespark as soon as you land in the larger room. Jump up and release your Shinespark in midair, shooting towards the slope. When you hit it, you’ll start running. Once you get to the top, charge your Shinespark again and quickly slip through the tunnel. Midair Shinespark again up a smaller slope, and charge your Shinespark at the top again. Finally, shoot upwards and you’ll grab ENERGY PART #13


Ghavoran Shinespark Puzzles

Missile Expansion #32

Location: Ghavoran

Requirements: Speed Booster, Wall Jump, Space Jump (optional)


In the Elevator Room from Elun, get towards the Grapple door and yank it open. Run back a little bit and start Boosting. Crouch either right before or right after you run into the next room. When you get into the next room, turn around and perform a wall jump above the door, so that you’re pretty high up in the air. At the apex of your wall jump, release your Shinespark and you’ll go flying, eventually crashing into MISSILE EXPANSION #32! Awesome! I just love that feeling of flying around as a speeding bullet, don’t you? 


Elun Shinespark Puzzles

Missile Expansion #31

Location: Elun

Requirements: Speed Booster


You’ll see a fan blowing air in this room. We’ll come back to that in a second, but for now, just eliminate every enemy in the room so you have a clear path ahead. Once you’ve done that, head back up to the fan and start Speed Boosting. Charge your Shinespark and quickly run towards the bottom left corner of this room, sliding twice to get there. Shoot straight up and if you were fast enough, the blocks should break and you’ll be able to grab MISSILE EXPANSION #31


Hanubia Shinespark Puzzles

Power Bomb Expansion #2

Location: Hanubia

Requirements: Speed Booster, Bombs


Stand as far back as you can behind the door to your left, open it, and start Speed Boosting. You’ll run into the next room,  so stop and charge your Shinespark before you run off the edge. Quickly lay a Cross Bomb under you and you’ll see some bomb blocks give away. Shinespark directly downwards over where the bomb blocks used to be and the Speed Boost blocks hiding under those will disappear, revealing POWER BOMB EXPANSION #2