Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough: Sky Temple Keys

Here you’ll find the location of all nine keys required to enter the Sky Temple, as well a detailed description of how to acquire them and what equipment you’ll need. Each key will be hidden inside of a Flying Ing Cache, and hints of their location can be found at Sky Temple Gateway in Dark Aether’s Sky Temple Grounds. The hints will point to the corresponding room in Light Aether.


Sky Temple Key #1

Hint: My journey comes to an end. The thrice-cursed Ing prepared an ambush of singular cunning in the mining station. They caught me in it like a neophyte fresh from the training halls. I have sent five score of their number to whatever foul pit they call afterlife, but in vain. My life is extinguished.

Location: Battleground, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: Dark Visor, Space Jump

From the top entrance of the Double Path, enter the Battleground. It will be easier if you have the Annihilator Beam and shoot the beacon in front of you to destroy the Warrior Ing, but regardless, equip your Dark Visor and you’ll see a series of floating platforms. Jump and navigate your way to the end, where the Flying Ing Cache will be waiting. Destroy it to grab the key.


Sky Temple Key #2

Hint: I can go no further. Here in this reactor, I go to join my fallen mate, J-Stl, in final rest. Though I die with honor, a shame falls on my house until the key I seek reaches its destination. May my brothers find my burden, that the way to the Sky Temple will be opened at last.

Location: Dark Oasis, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: Light Suit, Power Bombs, Dark Visor

Use a Power Bomb to destroy the wall blocking a pool of toxic water. Dive in and sink to the bottom, equipping your Dark Visor as you land. You’ll see the Flying Ing Cache floating, which can be destroyed to grab the key.


Sky Temple Key #3

Hint: They came to the lagoon in the night, delivering true deathblows before I could detect them. As my life faded, I sent a call to the cadre to warn of this surprise attack. May they find my key, and dispatch the Ing who killed me. Only then will my final rest be peaceful.

Location: Poisoned Bog, Dark Torvus Bog 

Requirements: Light Suit, Dark Visor, Gravity Boost

Drop down into the toxic waters and navigate the sludge until you find the Floating Ing Cache. Destroy it to claim another key.


Sky Temple Key #4

Hint: What craven savages are the Ing! Trapped in the catacombs with no chance of rescue, I fought them to the last. I watched them feed upon their dead. I heard them pressing the lesser of their number into the front ranks, that my blasts would take them. At least their leader stood against me in battle. He was a foe worthy of a Luminoth warrior.

Location: Dungeon, Dark Torvus Bog

Requirements: Light Suit, Light Beam, Dark Visor, Morph Ball

Dive into the pit of toxic water and submerged yourself. Navigate the passageways, using your Light Beam to draw out the Watchdrones, and you’ll find the Flying Ing Cache floating in the sludge. Terminate it and grab the key.


Sky Temple Key #5

Hint: A-Kul tried to send me back to Aether, that I might get reinforcements. Both cadres have been attacked, devastated. The Ing followed me. They came, wearing the skin of beasts. I gave them a good fight, yet, I have failed. May I redeem my honor in the next life. Here, at the fortress entrance, I breathe my last.

Location: Hive Entrance, Ing Hive

Requirements: Screw Attack, Light Suit

From the Entrance door, Screw Attack across the vista and ride the beam of light to the top most ledge. Screw Attack Back across and you’ll land right beside the Flying Ing Cache. Destroy it to claim the key.


Sky Temple Key #6

Hint: Let this be the final testament of warrior C-Rch. I have no more shells for my weapons. For the enemy, I have naught but the blade and fist. Let them come. They wait in the works, hissing and slithering like beasts. Let them. When my war cry comes, there will be a dread, final reckoning. Come forth, hated enemy. Let there be an end!

Location: Hive Dynamo Works, Ing Hive

Requirements: Power Bombs, Dark Visor, Spider Ball, Boost Ball

Using the portal from the room you fought the Spider Guardian in, Warp to Dark Aether and proceed to the next room. Follow the Morph Ball tracks and Boost across the chasm until you land beside the Flying Ing Cache. Destroy it to claim the key.


Sky Temple Key #7

Hint: It is inside me. I feel it spreading, clawing at my will, tearing at my thoughts. It moves me against my will, to this cavern. Here it will end. I do not wish this, do not want my body to become a weapon for the Ing within me. It hates. It demands obedience. I will fight to the end. I shall self-terminate before I will be a pawn of a filthy Ing.

Location: Ing Reliquary, Sky Temple Grounds 

Requirements: Light Suit, Dark Visor

From the Phazon Site, head towards this room, with your Light Suit guarding you from the Ing Swarm. The Flying Ing Cache will be front and center in this room, allowing you to grab an easy key.


Sky Temple Key #8

Hint: That last hit breached my armor. The poison spreads. Though I have found the key, it is too late for me. Soon my light will fail. They know I am here. They will come to this site to plunder the key. My last stand shall be at the edge of the Temple Grounds. I only hope I have the strength to fight when they arrive.

Location: Defiled Shrine, Sky Temple Grounds

Requirements: Dark Visor

Walk into this room and take care of all the Warrior Ing and slap on your Dark Visor. You should see the Floating Ing Cache towards the back of the room. Destroy it and grab the key.


Sky Temple Key #9

Hint: Final entry, Warrior J-Fme. Their army swells. Beasts and machines join the ranks of the horde, all eager to bring death to the Luminoth. The Ing sent their new additions to the industrial site to do battle with me, while they watched from safety. Cowardly mongrels! My only regret in death is that I did not live to see the day of their defeat. May it come soon!

Location: Accursed Lake, Sky Temple Grounds 

Requirements: Seeker Missiles, Dark Visor, Light Suit (recommended)

Use your Seeker Missiles to grant you access to the Accursed Lake. Once there, destroy the Hunter Ing and then equip your Dark Visor. You’ll find the Flying Ing Cache floating above the lake. Destroy it and retrieve the key.


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