Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough – Trooper Logs

Trooper Logs

Here you’ll find a list of every Trooper Logs scan, its location, and its contents, in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.


Force One

CAPT A. Exeter

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: I’m beginning to think it was a real bad idea going down there. Reevs is right, that hive is just one of many. It’s stupid to stir a hornet’s nest, especially if you plan on sleeping under it.


LCPL J. Brode

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: Man, I hope that this is the only breeding ground for these things. If there’s more, we’re in big trouble. We had a hard enough time taking that one out of commission. I almost ran out of ammo. I never run out of ammo!


SPC F. Triplette

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: The sarge says those “Splinters” remind him of some killer bug he saw on another planet once. All I know is the things are fast and take a lot to drop. Pretty soon, we’ll have to go to bayonets. Everyone’s low on ammo… even Brode, and he’s the stingiest grunt I know


PFC G. Haley

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: I hear. Them. Everywhere. They’re coming. Can’t sleep. Ever. They’ll eat me. Eat.


PFC I. Crany

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: Last night at chow, Angseth starts talking about some bounty hunter and how she blew up a planet full of Space Pirates. I told her I didn’t believe in fairy tales like that, and she took it personal. I just find it hard to believe that one person took out an entire Space Pirate base, that’s all. But if she wants to believe in this Samus, or Bigfoot, or Santa Claus, she can.


PFC S. Milligan

Location: GFMC Compound, Temple Grounds

Transcript: Brouda lost the bet, so he switched watch duty with me. I figure this section is nice and safe and boring, which suits me just fine. Let those other pugs guard the hot zone, I… hold on… hey! …No! Hel–(transmission ends)


Force Two

GSGT C. Benet

Location: Command Chamber, Temple Grounds

Transcript: There’s something wrong with the lock systems in this section. They’ve failed twice, locking us out until someone came along to let us in. If it happens again while we’re playing “bait” for those things…well, at least we’ll go out fighting instead of hiding in the control area.


SPC B. Reevs

Location: Command Chamber, Temple Grounds

Transcript: I don’t like this plan. This hive is a small portion of a larger network. There may be dozens of hive systems like this across the planet, and they may all be linked. Destroying this one may buy us time, but it may also provoke the other hives into attacking.


SPC M. Angseth

Location: Trooper Security Station, Temple Grounds

Transcript: This is ridiculous. I can outshoot half the men here, and I’m stuck on monitor duty. I didn’t join up to stare at a holoscreen! This wouldn’t happen to Samus Aran… She’d be out there taking care of business, not pushing buttons and sending reports.


PFC L. Brouda

Location: Communication Area, Temple Grounds

Transcript: We’ll be making our stand here. The engineer tells me there’s no way we’ll get the ship’s engines online, and the atmospheric conditions are scrambling our distress beacon. If anyone reads this, know that we did our duty and fought well.


PFC E. Denys

Location: Sacred Bridge, Temple Grounds

Transcript: I’m the only one left. Managed to get out of the hive, but when I got to the ship, everyone was gone…dead. I’m heading for that alien building we saw earlier. Maybe someone can help me there… Wait, something’s moving down there. Hello…?


PFC M. Veroni

Location: Collapsed Tunnel, Temple Grounds

Transcript: I think Haley’s losing it. He talks to himself all the time, and he won’t sleep. He almost shot me on watch the other night. I think he thought I was one of those things. I talked to the doc about taking him off the line, and he told me we need all the help we can get. That’s true, but if he goes berserk and kills a bunch of us, that won’t be very helpful.


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