Metroid Prime Walkthrough – Power Bomb Expansions

Power Bomb Expansions 

Here you’ll find the location for every Power Bomb Expansion in Metroid Prime, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Power Bomb Expansion #1

Location: Central Dynamo, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Defeat Cloaked Drone

Once the Cloaked Drone has been defeated, work your way through the Morph Ball puzzle to grab the first Power Bomb Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion #2

Location: Security Cave via Phendrana’s Edge, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Grapple Beam,  Morph Ball

Grapple up to the top of Phendrana’s Edge and roll through the tunnel to grab this Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion # 3

Location: Ice Ruins West, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Plasma Beam

Shoot the sheet of ice on top of one of the structures in the back corner (on the opposite end of the room from the Wave Door) and drop down to get the Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion # 4

Location: Fiery Shores via Warrior Shrine, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Power Bombs

In the Warrior Shrine, lay a Power Bomb at the Chozo Statue’s feet and a new tunnel will be revealed. Go down and you’ll land right in front of the Expansion.


Power Bomb Expansion # 5

Location: Magma Pool, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Power Bombs, Grapple Beam

Grapple to the far side of the room and lay a Power Bomb. The wall will give out, revealing the Expansion.