Metroid Prime Walkthrough – Artifact Locations

Artifact Locations

Here you’ll find the location for every Artifact in Metroid Prime, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Artifact of Truth

Hint: N/A

Location: Artifact Temple, Tallon Overworld

Requirements: Missiles

This Artifact will be present as soon as you walk into the Artifact Temple.


Artifact of Strength

Hint: The heat of Magmoor was a test for many warriors. A Shrine in their honor holds the Artifact of Strength.

Location: Warrior Shrine, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Space Jump, Boost Ball

Use the Space Jump to climb up to the Monitor Station, then use the Spinner to expend the draw bridge. Jump over and follow the path to the Warrior Shrine, where the Artifact will be waiting.


Artifact of Elder

Hint: Invaders have claimed Phendrana as their own. A Tower sits atop their fortress. Collapse it to reveal the chamber where the Artifact of Elder is held.

Location: Control Tower, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Plasma Beam, Morph Ball

Shoot the layer of ice in the north tower and then shoot a missile at the fuel cells on the far tower. It will crash, opening up a small tunnel for you to roll through. The Artifact will be there for the taking.


Artifact of Wild

Hint: A Sunchamber high atop our ruined home became the nest of a great beast, and a source of corruption. Many Chozo spirits have been drawn to this tainted place. Release their bond to the world to claim the Artifact of Wild.

Location: Sunchamber via Sun Tower Access, Sun Tower, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Spider Ball, Super Missiles

In the Sun Tower, activate all four runic symbols and follow the path upwards until you enter the Sunchamber. Defeat the three Chozo Ghosts and the Artifact will appear on Flaahgra’s remains.


Artifact of Lifegiver

Hint: There is a tower within the Ruins where Light always shines. Move through the waters there to find the Artifact of Lifegiver.

Location: Meditation Chamber via Tower of Light, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Gravity Suit

Drop to the bottom of the chamber and navigate through the water. Jump up through the Wave Beam door and grab the Artifact.


Artifact of Warrior

Hint: A room of Research lies within the mines. A corrupted invader is trapped there. Defeat this creature to claim the Artifact of Warrior.

Location: Elite Research, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Power Bombs

Defeat the Phazon Elite to retrieve this Artifact.


Artifact of Chozo

Hint: In one of Tallon’s far corners, a Grove of life lies. Reveal the pillar beneath the waves to find the Artifact of Chozo.

Location: Life Grove, Tallon Overworld

Requirements: X-Ray Visor, Power Bombs, Bombs

Immediately after acquiring the X-Ray Visor, lay a Power Bomb to shatter the walls around you. Navigate towards a shallow pool of water and you’ll see a circular panel; bomb it and a structure containing this Artifact will rise up.


Artifact of Nature

Hint: A molten Lake lies within the tunnels of Magmoor. Shatter the column at the lake’s center to reveal the Artifact of Nature.

Location: Lava Lake, Magmoor Caverns

Requirements: Super Missiles

Fire two to four missiles depending on your difficulty at the column in the center to reveal this Artifact.


Artifact of Sun

Hint: Near Phendrana’s shores, a Temple stands. Thaw the frozen waters flowing from the Elder to find the Artifact of Sun.

Location: Chozo Ice Temple, Phendrana Drifts

Requirement: Plasma Beam

Go to the Chozo Statue with outstretched hands and shoot the ice buildup with your Plasma Beam. After melting the ice away, the statue’s hands will start to glow. Jump into the hands and go into Morph Ball form to reveal a hidden passage below leading to the Artifact.


Artifact of the World 

Hint: Within the ruins of our home, we honor our fallen Elders in a great Hall. A chamber beneath the statue holds the Artifact of World.

Location: Elder Chamber via Hall of the Elders, Chozo Ruins

Requirements: Plasma Beam

Shoot the Plasma Beam energy shield on the Morph Ball Slot and activate it. The Chozo Statue will move, revealing a new room with an Artifact in plain sight.


Artifact of Spirit

Hint: A tall cave stands at Phendrana’s Edge. Seek the unseen entrance at its top to find the Artifact of Spirit.

Location: Storage Cave via Phendrana’s Edge, Phendrana Drifts

Requirements: Grapple Beam, X-Ray Visor, Power Bombs, Plasma Beam

Make your way upwards and equip your X-Ray Visor. Eventually, you’ll see a small ledge that has a secret door behind it. Lay a Power Bomb to reveal a Plasma Door. Go through to nab the Artifact.


Artifact of Newborn 

Hint: Invaders mine the depths in their greed. Forge a path through a Tunnel of the Great Poison to claim the Artifact of Newborn.

Location: Phazon Mining Tunnel, Phazon Mines

Requirements: Phazon Suit, Morph Ball, Bombs

Roll through to the lower portion of the tunnel (on exposed Phazon) and bomb the blocks in your way. You’ll find the Artifact at the end of the tunnel.