Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough – Energy Tanks

Here you’ll find the location for every Energy Tank in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Energy Tank #1

Location: Storage Cavern B, Temple Grounds

Requirements: Missiles

From the Temple Assembly Site, destroy the red blast door with a missile, walk into Storage Cavern B, and grab the Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #2

Location: Mining Station Access, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Bombs

Bomb the block in the middle of the tunnel to drop down into the Kinetic Orb Launcher. It will shoot you up to where the Tank will be waiting in plain view.


Energy Tank #3

Location: Bioenergy Production, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Space Jump

From the side of the room that’s opposite the main control activation, you’ll see three terminals each with a smaller terminal that will raise or lower the storage racks. You’ll want to create a staircase for yourself, so from left to right, scan the first terminal so one storage rack is lowered, the middle so two are lowered, and the final one so all three are all lowered. Once everything is in place, jump up and grab the Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #4

Location: Mines Shaft, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Bombs, Morph Ball

Enter the Mine Shaft from the Agon Temple and enter the tunnel. You’ll need to perform a series of bomb jumps, including a double bomb jump to get you started, and navigate over the sand blocks, which will dissolve as soon as you touch them. Continue on and you’ll run into this Tank at the end of the tunnel.


Energy Tank #5

Location: Temple Access, Torvus Bog

Requirements: Bombs, Morph Ball, Dark Beam

From the upper entrance, bomb the south most circle on the ground and it will explode, revealing a small tunnel. Drop down and you’ll hit this Energy Tank on your fall.


Energy Tank #6

Location: Cache B, Dark Torvus Bog

Requirements: Super Missiles

Roll through the tunnel in the bottom of the Dark Torvus Temple and use your Super Missiles to open the door. The Energy Tank will be sitting in front of you.


Energy Tank #7

Location: Reactor Core, Sanctuary Fortress

Requirements: Spider Ball, Boost Ball

Use the Kinetic Orb Cannon to launch yourself to the giant Spider Track Ball. Wait for the electricity to give away, and then follow the rails up to the second Ball. Get on the red dot and charge your Boost Ball. You’ll go flying to another Ball, which also has a red dot. Make sure you’re constantly holding down the Spider Ball.button and just keep following the path, boosting to the next ball, until you’re back on a Spider Track. Follow it to grab the Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #8

Location: Watch Station Access, Sanctuary Fortress

Requirements: Light Beam

Enter this room from the Watch Station and the tank will be sitting right there.


Energy Tank #9

Location: Windchamber Gateway, Temple Grounds

Requirements: Grapple Beam

Simply use your Grapple Beam to swing over to the platform where this tank will be waiting for you.


Energy Tank #10

Location: Fortress Transport Access, Temple Grounds

Requirements: Light Suit

Use your Light Suit to ride the wave of light up to a higher platform, where the Energy Tank will be floating.


Energy Tank #11

Location: Mining Plaza, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Echo Visor, Screw Attack

Get on top of the highest platform in the room and equip your Echo Visor. Hit the three sonar locks to expose the chamber and then Screw Attack over to grab the Tank.


Energy Tank #12

Location: Meditation Vista, Torvus Bog

Requirements: Screw Attack

Behind the Portal is a floating platform moving back and forth, fairly far away. You’ll need to time a Screw Attack so that you land on the platform, which will then float you right towards the Tank.


Energy Tank #13

Location: Torvus Plaza, Torvus Bog

Requirements: Spider Ball, Bombs, Boost Ball

Boost up to the top of the room and grab a hold of the Spider Tracks at the top. You’ll need to follow an intricate path to the end of the Track, where you’ll land beside a Kinetic Orb Cannon. Use it to launch you and you’ll land right beside the Tank.


Energy Tank #14

Location: Transit Tunnel East, Torvus Bog

Requirements: Gravity Boost, Bombs

You’ll need to perform a series of bomb jumps to activate two different bomb slots. Doing so will allow you to grab this Tank. See video for full breakdown.


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