Metroid Dread Walkthrough – Energy Tanks

Here you’ll find the location for every Energy Tank in Metroid Dread, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.


Energy Tank #1

Location: Artaria

Requirements: Charge Beam


From the starting area, head right, hopping over the crab and retreading the same opening hallway. Instead of jumping up at the end of the hall, however, charge blast the door on your right open and enter. Hop up onto the ledge and take out the stupid sucker-type enemy attached to the wall and then slide down. ENERGY TANK #1 is there for the taking!


Energy Tank #2

Location: Cataris

Requirements: Spider Magnet, Thermal Switches 1 and 2 Activated


 You’ll now be directly underneath thermal switch #2. Slide under the pillar, jump up and grab the platform, allowing it to fall and giving you access to continue onwards. Head back and make your way up to the room that housed thermal switch #2. You’ll now see that not only is there a passageway open, but ENERGY TANK #2 is sitting right there for the taking!


Energy Tank #3

Location: Burenia

Requirements: Flash Shift, Spider Magnet


From the Save Station, jump up and eliminate all the enemies; straight ahead of you, you’ll see an Energy Tank we skipped over earlier. Flash Shift over the pitfall blocks and grab the spider tracks on the wall and use them to grab ENERGY TANK #3


Energy Tank #4

Location: Dairon E.M.M.I. Zone

Requirements: Speed Booster


Activate your Speed Boost and run through the door. Keep running and when you see the end of the path, crouch and Shinespark straight up. Once you hit the top,  fall back down from where you shot up and you’ll see ENERGY TANK #4 sitting on a ledge.


Energy Tank #5

Location: Elun

Requirements: None


From the Chozo Soldier boss room, head left one room and you’ll be in a hallway where you can see an Energy Tank just chilling in the ceiling. Shoot the far left portion of the ceiling and wall jump up. Roll over to grab ENERGY TANK #5.


Energy Tank #6

Location: Ghavoran

Requirements: Ice Missiles


At the top of the Giant Tree room, and to the right of the E.M.M.I. Zone door you came through after defeating E.M.M.I.-05IM,  take the top path. Blast the Enky and right behind it will be ENERGY TANK #6


Energy Tank #7

Location: Burenia

Requirements: Storm Missiles, Spider Magnet


Eliminate the enemies in here and then get up to the spider tracks on the wall. Crawl up until you’re out of the water and then use your Storm Missiles to release the lock on the Storm Missile box. Once the box is gone, head over and grab ENERGY TANK #7.


Energy Tank #8

Location: Artaria

Requirements: Speed Boost, Flash Shift, Cross Bombs, Morph Ball


Head up from the Red Teleportal and make your way towards the Varia Suit room. Where there used to be a red missile cover, turn around and destroy the Grapple Block. Now, enter the Varia Suit room and run all the way towards the door leading to the high temperature area. Start Speed Boosting towards the left. When you get into the next room, charge your Shinespark, but watch out for the creatures on the ground! Once your Shinespark is charged, quickly get in the nook where the Grapple Block was and lay a Cross Bomb. Then quickly Flash Shift over the shutter. Unleash your Shinespark upwards and you’ll grab ENERGY TANK #8. As always, see Shinespark Puzzles for help!