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Check Out These “Bugged” Bug Pins from Metroid Database

The folks over at Metroid Database have once again designed and published some classic Metroid pins, and these may be their most creative yet!

The latest addition to their pin collection are modeled after a notorious glitch in the original Metroid game on the NES.  In the series’ first entry, if Samus destroys the breakable blocks that a Zoomer is crawling upon, the game doesn’t recognize what surface the creature should be on. As a result, the sprite will spin continuously in its place.

This “bugged bug” is mimicked with a new pin that replicates the classic 8-bit bug as it spins on its mount!

Since 1996, Metroid Database has been called home for Metroid fans all around the world looking for the latest Metroid news, information, and merchandise.

Head on over and check out all of the awesome merch Metroid Database has to offer and add a few pins to your Metroid collection!


Source:  Metroid Database