Metroid Prime Walkthrough – Research


Here you’ll find a list of every Research scan and its contents, plus any missable items, in Metroid Prime.


Small Energy

Transcript: Small Energy. Replenishes 10 units of energy.


Large Energy

Transcript: Large Energy. Replenishes 20 units of energy.


Ultra Energy

Transcript: Ultra Energy. Replenishes 100 units of energy.


Small Missile Ammo

Transcript: Missile Ammunition. Resupplies Missile Launcher with 3 rounds of ammo.


Medium Missile Ammo

Transcript: Missile Ammunition. Resupplies Missile Launcher with 5 rounds of ammo.


Large Missile Ammo

Transcript: Missile Ammunition. Resupplies Missile Launcher with 10 rounds of ammo.


Power Bomb Ammo

Transcript: Power Bomb Ammunition. Resupplies Power Bomb with 1 round of ammo.


Save Station

Transcript: Step into these stations to save your game and fully restore your energy.


Map Station


Transcript: Walk into Map Station holograms to download a map of the area you’re in.


Missile Station

Transcript: Step into these stations to fully reload your Missile Launcher.


Morph Ball Slot

Transcript: Standard Morph Ball slot. This slot is active. Inserting the Morph Ball and detonating a Bomb will usually cause these slots to send electrical impulses that can activate different types of devices.



Transcript: This is a standard Spinner device. The generator belts of the Spinner can be activated by rapid rotational force. Use the Boost ability of the Morph Ball when inside a Spinner to activate the device.


Spider Ball Track

Transcript: Magnetic rail system track. In Morph Ball mode, press and hold (button) when close to this type of surface. Use (button) to move the Ball along the track. Release (button) to disengage from the surface. CAUTION: A Morph Ball Bomb will briefly disengage the Ball from the track.


Grapple Point

Transcript: Analysis indicates a viable attach point for the Grapple Beam. Your Grapple Beam was damaged from the explosion on the research frigate and cannot currently be used.



Transcript: Hunter-class gunship registered to Samus Aran. You can return to your ship to recharge energy, reload weapons and save progress in the game.


Blast Shield


Transcript: There is a Blast Shield on the door blocking access. Analysis indicates that the Blast Shield is invulnerable to Beam weapons. Explosive weapons may damage it.


Locked Door


Transcript: Lock system engaged. Secure the area to unlock door.




Transcript: This hanging rock structure appears to have a weak spot near its base. Some stalactites can be dislodged from ceilings, allowing them to be used as platforms to cross otherwise unreachable areas.



Transcript: Planet Zebes. Mass: 4.8 trillion teratons. Profile: Planet’s crust is primarily Urthic ore, making it ideal for subterranean construction. A class XIX planet, Zebes is inhospitable to most bioforms. The world was considered unremarkable until it became a base for Space Pirate forces.


Tallon IV

Transcript: Planet Tallon IV. Mass: 5.1 trillion teratons. Profile: Ecosystem studies indicate that Tallon IV was a biological paradise prior to the impact of an extraterrestrial object. What remains of the biosphere is slowly fading due to exposure to Phazon radiation. At current rate of decay, Tallon IV will be a barren Class XIII wasteland in approximately 25 years.