Metroid Dread Walkthrough – Chozo Archives

The Chozo Archives are a series of images that you can unlock that will shed a little more light on the Mawkin Chozo tribe and their exploits on the Planet ZDR, particularly those involving the many bosses of the game. The archives are an evolution from the Chozo Memories of Samus Returns, but function in a similar fashion in that they unlock based on item completion. To unlock the images, you must collect 100% of the expansions in their designated area.

There are nine archives in total to unlock, one for every area of ZDR and a bonus image. Check below for the complete Chozo Archives.


Chozo Archive #1 – Artaria:

Chozo Archive #2 – Cataris:

Chozo Archive #3 – Dairon:

Chozo Archive #4 – Burenia:

Chozo Archive #5 – Ghavoran:

Chozo Archive #6 – Elun:

Chozo Archive #7 – Ferenia:

Chozo Archive #8 – Hanubia:

Chozo Archive #9 – Bonus: