Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Walkthrough – Energy Tanks

Here you’ll find the location for every Energy Tank in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, as well as detailed explanations on how to get them and what powerups you’ll need.

It’s worth noting that in Metroid Prime 3, there’s a room in Eastern SkyTown called the Chozo Observatory that, when you activate the numerous bomb slots in the room, will send satellites into the sky, giving you the item locations for every expansion in the same! The Expansions will appear as white dots on the map, giving you nothing more than that to go off of. As a caution: any items on the G.F.S. Valhalla will NOT show up on your map! Also don’t forget about Bryyo Ice since that map isn’t accessible unless you’re in the area.


Energy Tank #1

Location: Ventilation Shaft, G.F.S. Olympus

Requirements: None

As you’re making your getaway down the first Morph Ball tunnel during the opening of the game, you’ll roll straight into this Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #2

Location: Substation East, Norion

Requirements: None

This very well could be the easiest Expansion of the game. Once you walk into the room, you’ll see a Morph Ball tunnel with this Energy Tank just sitting at the front of it. Jump up to claim it.


Energy Tank #3

Location: Reliquary II, Bryyo Cliffside

Requirements: None

Simply walk into the room after completing the puzzle in the Gateway room to claim this Tank.


Energy Tank #4

Location: Vault, Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Requirements: Missiles

In the Overgrown Ruins, aim a missile at the crystallized fuel gel on the lower level to reveal a path to the Vault. Use your missiles to open the door and the Tank will be floating in the center of the room.


Energy Tank #5

Location: Ruined Shrine, Bryyo Cliffside

Requirements: None

Jump to the bottom of the Ruined Shrine room and you’ll see a Golem arm with a small, cracked plate on it. Bomb the plate and roll inside to grab the Tank.


Energy Tank #6 

Location: Steambot Barracks, SkyTown

Requirements: None

You’ll get this Tank as part of the main game. Defeat Steamlord and upon its defeat, it will drop the Tank.


Energy Tank #7

Location: Arrival Station, SkyTown

Requirements: Boost Ball

Use the Grab Ledge to reach a higher platform where an inactive Kinetic Orb Cannon rests. Use your Boost Ball to activate the Cannon that’s pointed at a small remote island a fair distance away from the platform. Let the Cannon shoot you onto the island and the Tank will be waiting for you there.


Energy Tank #8

Location: Xenoresearch A Lift, Eastern SkyTown

Requirements: None

After removing the Energy Cell and acquiring the Seeker Missiles, you’ll need to battle your way back to the Xenoresearch entrance. In the A Lift, you’ll see this Energy Tank inside of a test tube. Shoot the glass to break it and claim the Tank.


Energy Tank #9

Location: Machineworks Bridge, Bryyo Thorn Jungle

Requirements: Ship Grapple, Screw Attack, Boost Ball

Use your Ship Grapple in the North Jungle Court room to pick up the giant generator, allowing you access to the Machineworks Bridge. Rotate the platform using your Boost Ball and then wait until the moving Wall Jumping surfaces are in place. When ready, Wall Jump upwards to grab the Tank at the top.


Energy Tank #10 

Location: Scrapworks, Pirate Research

Requirements: None

Follow the Morph Ball tunnel and perform a double bomb jump to grab this Tank.


Energy Tank #11

Location: Zipline Station Charlie, SkyTown

Requirements: Spider Ball, Boost Ball

Once leaving the Powerworks island, follow the Spider Tracks back towards the Junction. Along the way, you’ll see a circular set of Spider Tracks just out of reach; double bomb jump to get up and then drop down to get this Tank.


Energy Tank #12

Location: Metroid Creche, Pirate Research

Requirements: Boost Ball, Spider Ball

After defeating the Metroid Hatcher and activating the third spinner on the disc on the floor, let the disc shoot you up into a Morph Ball tunnel alongside the roof. About halfway through, you’ll see an opening in the tunnel and some Spider Tracks above you. Jump up and follow the tracks, boosting across a few times, until you’re in a small tunnel that houses this Energy Tank.


Energy Tank #13

Location: Tower, Bryyo Ice

Requirements: Spider Ball, Boost Ball

This is a really easy Expansion to miss since it doesn’t show up on the Bryyo map. If you’re missing an Energy Tank, it’s probably this. To get it, go to the bottom of the Tower room, and close to the door you should see some Spider Tracks. Follow them upwards, boosting and bombing as needed, until you arrive at the top where the Tank is nestled.


Energy Tank #14 

Location: Munitions Locker, G.F.S. Valhalla

Requirements: None

Simply walk into the room and you’ll see this Tank floating in front of you, waiting to be taken.


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