Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Walkthrough – Beam Combos

Here you’ll find the locations for each Beam Combo upgrade in the game, as well as the requirements needed to get them.


Super Missiles

Location: Torvus Temple, Torvus Bog

Requirements: None

You will naturally acquire the Super Missiles as part of the progression of the game.

The Super Missiles work in conjuncture with the Power Beam.



Location: Mining Station B, Agon Wastes

Requirements: Light Beam, Dark Beam, Morph Ball, Seeker Missiles, Boost Ball, Bombs

Using Seeker Missiles to get inside Mining Station B, go towards a bomb slot towards the back of the room and activate it. This will cause a platform in the center of the room to start spinning like a helicopter blade. Quickly roll over to a Kinetic Orb Cannon and use it to get yourself up another bomb slot. Activate it, and the center platform will rise, with its helicopter-like blades destroying some rock, revealing a portal to Dark Aether. Go through it and then follow the path until you get to the Dueling Range in Dark Aether. Use the portal to re-enter Light Aether, backtrack to Mining Station B and the Darkburst will be there for the taking.

The Darkburst works in conjuncture with the Dark Beam.



Location: Grand Windchamber, Temple Grounds

Requirements: Screw Attack, Boost Ball, Power Bombs, Seeker Missiles

Enter the Windchamber using Power Bombs and Screw Attack to the other side of the room, landing next to a portal. Warp to Dark Aether and you’ll see four sets of Spinners on four different floating platforms across this giant room. There is a center construct with four mechanisms guarding it, with each mechanism having a Seeker Missile target on either side of it. Use the Spinners to rotate the mechanisms, aligning them so all the Seeker Missile targets are on the same side. Once this is done, launch your missiles. You’ll need to repeat the process and line up the Seeker Missile targets on the opposite side and blast those away too. Once you’ve done so, warp back to Light Aether and use the Kinetic Orb Cannon. It will have you land directly beside the Sunburst.

The Sunburst works in conjuncture with the Light Beam.


Sonic Boom

Location: Ing Cache 2, Dark Agon Wastes

Requirements: Annihilator Beam, Screw Attack

In Dark Agon’s Phazon Site, get to the topmost platform and Screw Attack over to the ledge with the Annihilator door (you might have to angle your jump a bit to land right). Open the door and walk inside to claim the Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom works in conjuncture with the Annihilator Beam.


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