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Episode 186 – Logbook Archives: The History, Hierarchy and Machinations of the Space Pirates!

Welcome to a brand new segment on the podcast that we’re calling Logbook Archives: the series with a focus on deep diving into the in-universe lore of the Metroid series! To kick things off, we look at the most feared faction in the galaxy: The Space Pirates! In this 2-hour+ epic, we detail their various movements and plots, covering things like what exactly are the Space Pirates? What is their hierarchy like? Is Ridley the leader of the group, an enforcer or something else? When would Samus have confronted Weavil before? How many different factions of Pirates are there? Are they truly defeated… or just biding their time?

All this and so much more, PLUS some reflection on Metroid Dread’s two year anniversary and Canadian vs. American thanksgiving! Come learn with us!




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