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Check Out New Fan Comic “Metroid: Other Femme” Celebrating Metroid Dread’s 2nd Anniversary

Recently, Metroid Dread celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, which is still surreal to think about given that this game came back from the brink and has been in the hands of fans everywhere for that long.  Now that Metroid Dread has reached this milestone, Metroid fans can enjoy a brand new fan comic filled with excellent art called Metroid: Other Femme. This comic is written by Omar Morales and illustrated by Mau Mora, the same duo that put together Metroid: Shred back in October of last year. Metroid: Other Femme starts with Samus post Metroid Dread completing a job and saving some Federation Marines. Not just an action story, though, we also get to follow Samus returning home and reflecting on her past, reflecting on what’s important and why she fights. With 18 pages packed with quality art, this blast to the past and look toward the future can’t be missed.

Metroid: Other Femme is available to download for free here, with the authors encouraging people to share and tag them on social media. As an added bonus for any Star Wars fans, there’s also a shirt 10-page Mandalorian comic available as well. Make sure to check it out and to lets us know what you think in the comments below!


Source: The Force Media (via Metroid Database)