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Metroid Musing: Should Metroid Dread Have Handled These Two Characters Differently?

If you haven’t played Metroid Dread, proceed with caution! There are spoilers ahead.


While Metroid Dread was apparently meant to finish the current story arc of Metroid according to MercurySteam, it introduces a number of new elements before its finale. However, it also re-introduces characters first revealed in the Chozo Memories found in Samus Returns, specifically two new Chozo characters, Raven Beak and Quiet Robe.

If you never played Samus Returns in 2017, or never saw the Chozo Memories, then these two characters would be entirely new to you coming into Dread. And even still, this is their first true “in-game” appearance for both of these individuals.

But as it stands, it’s also their only true in-game appearance at the moment outside of the Chozo Memories, and possibly for the foreseeable future. In Metroid Dread, neither Quiet Robo nor Raven Beak survive the events of the game, as far as we know.

Personally, I’d be interested to see how they could come back, considering both characters seem pretty firmly dead. I’m not entirely surprised either that these characters didn’t survive the events of the game, with Dread intended to be a finale of sorts. But it also feels like a new beginning for Metroid, and it’s a shame we potentially won’t have these characters moving forward.

It was great to have a friendly, ally Chozo in the mix, and it would have been cool to see Samus and Quiet Robe’s relationship grow over time. On the other hand, it was awesome to have such a cool villain in Raven Beak who boasts an incredible design and a fun assortment of attacks to deal with.

It makes sense that these two characters went out the way they did, if Dread was not only meant to be the end of a story arc, but that the next Metroid will start a new one. That said, I don’t see why we couldn’t get Quiet Robe and Raven Beak involved in the next story arc, as well. We just finally got a taste of having living Chozo involved in the story, and just like that, they’re removed from the picture. I would have liked to see these characters, or at least Raven Beak, survive a bit longer.


What do you think? Should the game have let these two characters survive by the end? Or do you think it was best, or maybe in your opinion better, that they went out when they did? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or on Discord!