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Episode 223 – Metroid Prime 4: Beyond Fan Q&A Part 1

The gang is back talking more Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, and this week, we asked all of you to get in on the action and ask us questions about Samus’s upcoming adventure! We got so many questions infact that were breaking this into two parts! On the docket this week: should Federation Forces Slow Beam return? What are the chances Admiral Dane pops back up? If we are time travelling, what areas of a past Tallon IV would we want to see? With Sylux confirmed as the antagonist, do we still get a Ridley fight? What Prime Trilogy entry would we like to see Beyond pull from the most AND the least? Is Melee combat going to be a thing in the new game? And maybe most importantly – is Sylux actually Joey in disguise (we jest)?!

All this and so much more is discussed, plus a little video game talk about what we’re currently playing. Don’t miss this action packed episode, and be sure to tune into our Q&A Part 2 next week!






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