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Pre-Orders For This Incredible Fan-Made Metroid Dread Instruction Booklet Are Open Now!

A relic of a bygone era, the instruction manual used to be a collection of incredible artwork, informative information, details about a games story, and a nice compliment to the video game journey you were about to embark on. While sadly almost no games come with a traditional instruction booklet anymore, at least one artist is looking to bring them back in a big way. Artist SpotArt has created an incredible instruction booklet for Metroid Dread (Metroid V) that spans over 65 pages and 70+ illustrations. 

Featuring artwork reminiscent of the original NES Metroid game, SpotArt has crafted a manual that would feel right at home in the late 80’s, and now you have a chance to own a copy for yourself! Pre-orders for the instruction booklet are open now, and you can check it out by heading to this site here. As of this writing, there’s no ETA on shipping, but even a quick glance at the book should assure Metroid fans this fan-made manual will be worth the wait. Check out some of the artwork below and consider supporting SpotArt on Patreon!



Source: SpotArt