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Groove Through the Groves of Brinstar With This Bumping Remix

DjtheSdotcom has taken the grooves from green Brinstar and remixed them with the haunting main theme from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, turning the bass up to the max!

What we get is an electronic power jam that will pump anyone up enough to run across the noob bridge. Listen to the shifts in melody and heavy drops on this remix that will have you dancing along as heavy fast riffs lead up to monstrous drops that hit you like a power bomb.

Music has always been a key piece of what makes the Metroid series so fantastic, and from those games scores comes some amazing fan created remixes.  Although the first scenes and items on Zebes in Crateria are iconic in their own right, Brinstar is where the game really begins to open up for the player and deliver on the experience of Super Metroid.  Pushing the exploration forward in Brinstar is the area’s signature music.  Let us know what you think about this fantastic remix and what styles of remixing you like to have with your Metroid music!


Source:  DjtheSdotcom