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Don’t Miss These Scans in Metroid Prime Remastered

Metroid Prime Remastered is all about the ambience, the exploration, and the sense of isolation, discovery, and wonder. It’s also all about the scans! Gotta fill that logbook!

The world of Tallon IV is full of scans, many of which are highly important scans that contribute to completing your logbook. But did you know that you can miss some of the scans in the game?

In fact, there are a number of scans in the game that, once you’ve passed them or otherwise met certain criteria, you can no longer go back and get!

If you’re going for that 100% logbook completion, here are the scans you don’t want to miss, where they’re located, and at what point you can no longer scan these entries:

  • Research – Map Station
    • There are a few Map Rooms on Tallon IV, but there are only so many, so make sure to grab this scan when you can. You also have to scan the hologram before you step into it for the first time in that area, which technically makes this a “missable” scan if you don’t handle this properly.
  • Pirate Data – Fall of Zebes
    • This is located in the Biohazard Containment room in Space Pirate Frigate Orpheon, the very first area of the game. You must get this scan before leaving Frigate Orpheon — once you’ve landed on Tallon IV, you won’t have another opportunity to scan this logbook entry.
  • Creature – Parasite Queen
    • This is, of course, the area boss of Frigate Orpheon and the first boss of the entire game. Make sure to scan the queen before you take her down, as once she’s KO’d, you won’t have another shot at it.
  • Creature – Parasite
    • Similarly, you’ll only be able to scan Parasites on the Frigate Orpheon. Thankfully, the ship is swarming with these little bugs, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get to them during this section of the game. But, once you leave the frigate and head to Tallon IV, you’ll no longer be able to find and scan these creatures.
  • Creature – Hive Mecha / Creature – Ram War Wasp
    • Both of these scans can be only grabbed during the Hive Mecha boss fight in the Chozo Ruins, so don’t miss these before you take the totem down.
  • Research – Missile Door Lock/Missile Blast Shield
    • Once you’ve broke through all the Missile Doors in the game, you’ll no longer be able to get this scan. Don’t leave this one behind.
  • Creature – Incinerator Drone/ Creature – Barbed War Wasp
    • Just like the Hive Mecha and Ram War Wasp scans, you’ll only be able to get these scans during the Incinerator Drone boss fight. Hit that scan visor before you start firing away!
  • Creature – Flaahgra / Creature – Flaahgra Tentacle
    • This is a two-parter! These two trip up players quite a bit. You have to scan not just Flaahgra, but one of its tentacles as well. The tentacles are the big vines that block the morph ball slots that you use to fight back against the plant beast. Once this boss fight concludes, you won’t be able to get either scan, and you do have to get both, so don’t miss them.
  • Creature – Ice Burrower
    • You can find these lil guys early in Phendrana Drifts near the  Shorelines area. Make sure you scan them the first time you encounter them, because they’re eventually replaced by Security Drones the further you progress into the game. They’re regular burrowers but blue!
  • Research – Stalactite
    • There’s only so many of these in the game, so once you’ve taken them all down, you won’t be able to scan them again. You’ll find these in both Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns.
  • Creature – Ice Shriekbat
    • The dreaded ice shriekbats! This is the final boss of destroying 100% completion runs. You’ll find these in Phendrana Drifts, specifically Ice Ruins West. They’ll disappear after you grab the Thermal Visor and eventually take on Thardus, so don’t go too far into Phendrana before you scan these.
  • Creature – Ice Parasite
    • You’ll find these in the Chozo Ice Temple area of Phendrana Drifts. They vanish after you get the Wave Beam, so do your best to snag this scan before you traverse too far.
  • Creature – Thardus
    • Can’t really miss this one, but as you’d expect, once that big pile of rocks is taken down in Phendrana Drifts, you’ll no longer have the chance to get the Thardus scan.
  • Creature – Aqua Drone
    • Keep an eye out for these in the Crashed Frigate! They seem to be normal Security Drones, but don’t be fooled – they’re separate entries in the logbook. Grab these on your first run through the Frigate once you have that Gravity Suit.
  • Creature – Elite Pirate
    • These big lugs are found in the Phazon Mines, and there’s only three of them, so make sure you scan at least one before you’ve taken down the whole bunch.
  • Creature – Phazon Elite
    • Don’t confuse this with the Elite Pirates or the Omega Pirate, this is a separate entry. Start the fight in the Phazon Mines, get the scan, then blast away.
  • Creature – Omega Pirate
    • The boss of Phazon Mines. Make sure you grab this scan before taking down the big bad of the mines.
  • Creature – Meta Ridley
    • You’ll have tons of opportunity during your boss fight against him at the Artifact Temple in Tallon Overworld. But once Meta Ridley has exploded at the bottom of the cliff, your chances of getting his scan have exploded, too.
  • Creature – Metroid Prime / Creature – Prime
    • The last two “missable” scans of the game. Remember that Metroid Prime and the second Prime form have separate scans, so don’t think you’re covered if you scan at the very beginning of the encounter.


All other scans in the game can be revisited and reclaimed if you miss them – that is, until you reach Metroid Prime and begin the endgame sequence. Even scans like the Lumigek and Fission Metroid can be grabbed again as long as you go back before you step into the final boss room.

Use this list above so you don’t miss any scans in Metroid Prime Remastered! Good luck on your 100% runs!