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Unused Scan Information of Unscannable Enemies Discovered In Metroid Prime Remastered!

Since the release of Metroid Prime Remastered, tons of interesting tidbits have been rolling in from fans all over. One such piece of information came in from Wyatt on Twitter. By delving into the game’s data, they were able to uncover 3 unused scans:

Beta Drone

Temporary Scan

Mechanoid: Beta Drone

Security mecha equipped with phased cloaking grid.

Logbook entry

The next generation of Drones operate fully cloaked from normal sight. A defense shield and extra Beam Cannon increases their combat effectiveness as well. Still, they are machines, and can be nullified with electromagnetic pulses.


Void Bombu

Temporary scan

Morphology: Void Bombu

Bombus capable of phazing out of the visible plane.

Logbook entry

The phased nature of the Void Bombu makes detection difficult. Most visor tech is useless when tracking these creatures. They still shed electric charges, though they aren’t drawn to charged energy sources as most Bombus are.



Temporary scan

Morphology: Olbap

Insectoid scavenger. Instinctually attacks anything smaller than itself.

Logbook entry

Olbaps are protected by a stout carapace of overlapping scales. They can only be attacked when flipped over. Olbaps will ignore large predators as they scour igneous surfaces for sustenance. In battle, they will roll into a highly maneuverable ball, then bludgeon their opponent.


It’s important to note that although they’ve been included in the game’s data, they’re still not scannable. As Wyatt notes in their thread, they were likely included by accident due to Retro reorganizing the way the text is stored. It’s a shame we can’t scan them, but it does make sense for the Beta Drone and Void Bombu. They’re inherently invisible and thus undetectable by your Scan Visor. You can view them using your Thermal Visor, but without the ability to combine the two, you’re unable to get a successful read.

The Olbap is a slightly different story. Although they’re normally visible to the naked eye, they don’t appear to actually exist in the game. You can, however, find an amusing scan about them in the Central Dynamo of the Phazon Mines. Apparently the Space Pirates like to keep them as pets, but due to their recent situation, were ordered to properly dispose of them. Unfortunately, their fellow Pirates obeyed and as such leave us with nothing to scan.

So, what do you think? Do you wish you had the chance to scan them in game? Perhaps some amusement could come from catching a Pirate or two in the act of frantically disposing, I mean, freeing the pet to the wild. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: Wyatt