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ICYMI: Metroid Dread is Now The Best-Selling 2D Metroid Game in the UK

In case you missed it – Metroid Dread has been selling like hot cakes, quickly becoming one of the best selling games on the Nintendo Switch by the end of 2021. Only a few months after its release, Dread was bestowed the award for Best Action/Adventure title at The Game Awards. If you haven’t already, you can check out our numerous episodes on Metroid Dread, including our Definitive Ranking and our list of favorite moments from the game.

Into 2022, Metroid Dread’s record-breaking streak has continued, with Christopher Dring of reporting that Metroid Dread is now the third best-selling Metroid game in the UK, behind Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, thus making it the best-selling 2D Metroid ever in the UK.

If you factor in digital sales, and that a week has passed since this was reported, there’s a good chance that Metroid Dread is already the best-selling Metroid game ever in the UK, not just among 2D Metroid titles. It goes without saying that this is a tremendous feat, although it should come as no surprise, as the Nintendo Switch has a habit of propelling almost every franchise it touches to new heights.

With how well-received Metroid Dread has been since its release in October, it’s likely that Metroid Dread will soon be the best-selling Metroid game worldwide, if it isn’t already!


Source: Christopher Dring (Twitter)