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Take Look at This Analysis of All of Metroid Dread’s Story Secrets

Metroid Dread concluded a little over half a year ago and there is still plenty of mystique surrounding it’s story and the world of ZDR. Despite dedicating so much time playing Metroid Dread itself, The Orpheon was able to tear himself away to shed some light of Metroid Dread’s mysteries in his newest video. Keep in mind that these are his personal thoughts on the matter, so nothing is set in stone as of right now. One point of interest many players might miss is a mural in Ferenia depicting the Mawkin fighting Zebesian Space Pirates. The Chozo are rarely seen so when could this have happened? Could there have been multiple conflicts between the Mawkin and Space Pirates, or was this just one major battle?

Speaking of the Mawkin, a notable point of discussion is the relationship between the Thoha and Mawkin. They’ve been shown collaborating multiple times such as Samus’ Chozo DNA infusion and subduing the Metroids after they went out of control on SR388. Yet Raven Beak stated during Dread’s climax that Metroids are programmed to attack Mawkin, why would the Thoha make the Metroids that way? These are just a few aspects of Metroid Dread’s story that the Orpheon expands upon, so this just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the rest of The Orpheon’s musings in his new video, down below.


Source: The Orpheon