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Metroid Musing: How Can Sylux be a Threat in Metroid Prime 4?

Sylux has long been teased to have a larger role as the Metroid Prime series continues. His ship was last seen following Samus’ at the end of Metroid Prime 3, and most recently, he had a cameo at the end of Metroid Prime: Federation Force. In Sylux’s debut during the events of Metroid Prime Hunters, he was one of the six bounty hunters Samus encountered on her mission where she was able to defeat him in a one on one duel, even after Sylux retreats halfway through the battle to call in his gunship for assistance. In this battle, Samus had her Varia Suit, Missiles and Power Beam as weapons (with possibly the Judicator as well if the player decided to go to Arcterra before the Vesper Defense Outpost). This assortment of abilities is on the low end of what Samus usually acquires on her missions. The Judicator is more powerful than the Power Beam, but not so much that it outshines or replaces Missiles. Considering Samus was able to defeat Sylux and his gunship with this set of abilities, how is Sylux able to pose a threat in Metroid Prime 4?

Sylux has learned the hard way in Metroid Prime Hunters that he can’t take Samus in a one on one fight with her more basic powers, so the odds of him faring better when she has abilities like the Gravity Suit, Screw Attack and Plasma Beam seem small. Federation Force shows that he’s skilled in more than combat, though, excelling in stealth, espionage and hacking. Sykux stole a Metroid from under the Federation’s nose; and his ship, weapons and armor are all stolen Federation prototypes. Perhaps taking the Metroid will be used to lure Samus into a trap of some kind? The Federation would no doubt let Samus know that the Metroid got stolen considering her expertise in dealing with Metroids. However, what kind of trap could defeat Samus? Some kind of alien relic or facility Sylux found? Sylux could also use the Metroid as a bargaining chip to get the Pirates to do something for him, however the Pirates are nothing Samus can’t handle. Sylux might try to use the Metroid himself, but he’s only one person and the Space Pirates have tried for years to understand the Metroid, to no avail. Maybe Sylux will inject himself with Metroid DNA at the end of Metroid Prime 4 and turn into some Resident Evil monster as the final boss.

Now I turn it over to you, dear reader. Based on what we know so far, how will Sylux be able to stack up against the Galaxy’s Greater Warrior, despite losing to Samus in the past? Will he be a secondary antagonist and threaten Samus in an unexpected way? Sound off in the comments below!