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Super Mario Bros. Movie Cast Thinks a Metroid Movie Would Be “Interesting, Creepy, and Cool”

With the new Super Mario Bros. Movie hitting theatres next week, its stars have been making the rounds, talking to various outlets and promoting the movie. In a new interview with Gizmondo, the voices behind the plumbers themselves, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, broached a bunch of different, interesting topics, including how they both grew up playing Nintendo, what stepping into iconic yet undefined roles like Mario and Luigi has been like, Pratt’s thoughts on the critiques of his Mario voice, and much more. It’s actually a very candid and interesting read, definitely worth checking out. However, one little tidbit will certainly raise they eyebrows of Metroid fans everywhere.

When asked about other franchises from Nintendo’s catalogue the pair would like to see adapted to the big screen, Day (unprompted) threw out that “[him and Chris Pratt] were talking about Metroid”. After Pratt agreed, Day concluded with his thoughts on how “interesting and creepy and cool a Metroid [movie] would be”, while also throwing out Contra and Spy Hunter as favorites of theirs too.

While the day when fans see Samus on the big screen may or may not actually happen, it’s cool to see another big-time celebrity give our series some love! What do you think? Would you be open to seeing a Metroid movie? What would it have to do to meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Gizmondo