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Metroid Musing: Should Samus Have a Drone Ability?

When I think of new ways to expand Samus’ arsenal, I often think of new beams, visors, aeion abilities, etc. I typically think of ways that expand upon Samus herself. But what about giving her some sort of mechanical companion? Something that could offer new abilities separate from her power suit.

My first thought is an automated drone that could float around Samus like the baby Metroid did in Samus Returns. It could perform tasks like scanning nearby blocks or peeking through tunnels you can’t quite reach yet. Perhaps it could even have an offensive mode you toggle between to offer up support fire and extra shielding. Imagine you’re fighting an enemy that all of sudden launches a barrage of missiles. Just as you’re about to back out of the fight for a dodge, your drone activates its Point Defense System giving you a chance to instead move in for the kill shot.

You could certainly work in mobility options as well. Rather than that slow Spider Ball we frequently dread, let’s say you find the Air Lift ability allowing your drone to carry your morph ball for a limited time. Oh what’s that? You’d like to drop bombs onto unsuspecting enemies as you fly overhead? Personally, I’d steer clear of the teleportation sort of options you find in Axiom Verge; I don’t think that would fit well here, but that’s certainly an option you could explore.

Another interesting aspect of a drone would be the ability to incorporate Adam. Rather than stop and go communication stations, though Dread did much better than Fusion in this respect, Adam could come along for the ride. I will say though, if he’s going to explain the things he scans along the way, I’d like voice options like I have with my Google Maps. The last thing I want is Adam droning on in that god awful voice of his.

The more I think about it, I wouldn’t mind a fellow companion tagging along. It could be a nice way to mix it up in one of her adventures. What do you think? Would you like to see the introduction of a drone ability? What sort of expansions or abilities do you think would work well with it? As always, share your comments below.