Metroid Other M

Nintendo Acquires CG Animation Studio and Other M Post-Production Contributor Dynamo Pictures

Revealed in an announcement earlier today, Nintendo has acquired Dynamo Pictures, a CG animation production company that will become “Nintendo Pictures.” The move will make Nintendo Pictures a wholly-Nintendo owned subsidiary by October 2022.

Dynamo Pictures has a lengthy track record in anime TV and animated movie production, including work on season 2 of Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 and Monster Strike, as well as VR properties and a number of video game IPs. Most recently, Dynamo was responsible for motion capture work on Death Stranding, Persona 5, and Monster Hunter: World.

Many Nintendo fans might recognize the name from their work on the Pikmin short films, which are some of Nintendo’s most popular visual projects in Japan.

For Metroid fans, Dynamo Pictures holds credit for post-production work on Metroid: Other M.

According to Nintendo, the new Nintendo Pictures will “focus on development of visual content utilizing Nintendo IP.”

This continues a streak of publishers and game developers making moves to expand their game IPs into new mediums. Sony is currently developing TV and film projects for franchises like Twisted Metal and The Last of Us, while Bungie has recently hired the former Animation Director at Riot Games to develop projects to expand its Destiny universe.

Nintendo’s biggest splash into developed visual content will be the upcoming Mario movie releasing in 2023. While Nintendo is no stranger to these kinds of projects, and has been adjacent to The Pokemon Company’s Detective Pikachu movie from 2019, the Mario movie will be its biggest non-game release yet.

It likely will be some time before we find out what Nintendo has in store for Nintendo Pictures. We’re crossing our fingers for Metroid to be brought into the theatrical fold!


Source: Nintendo