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Metroid Prime Remastered Announced; Digital Version Releasing Later Today

It’s finally arrived. Metroid Prime Remastered has finally been announced for the Nintendo Switch AND IT COMES OUT TODAY!

Metroid Prime Remastered will be available today digitally, while a physical version will hit shelves later this month on February 22nd. This remaster features some absolutely slick new visuals and effects. Metroid Prime has truly never looked better! You’ll also be able to select all-new dual analog controls, and if you want to experience the game like when it was released over twenty years ago, you’ll have the option to to use the original “tank” controls.

This is the first time a main Metroid Prime title has appeared on a new Nintendo console since the release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Metroid fans around the world continue to wait for news on the highly-anticipated Metroid Prime 4. Thankfully, now we have Metroid Prime Remastered on Switch to whet our appetite.

Will you be waiting for the physical version? Or are you diving into Metroid Prime Remastered tonight?!


Source: Nintendo Direct