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Metroid Musing: What Power Rings From The Green Lantern Universe Would Samus Qualify For?

One of the most well known superheroes of all time is the Green Lantern. And, of course, there’s more than one hero with that name, such as Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Depicted in the DC comics as some of the most powerful weapons in the universe, Lantern Rings come in a variety of colors – besides the well-known Green rings, which are fueled by willpower, you have the Yellow rings of the Sinestro Corps which are fueled by the fear of their targets. Then there’s Red, for rage of the rings wielder and those around them; Orange for greed; Blue for hope; Indigo for compassion (also called the Indigo Tribe); and Violet for love (members of this corps are referred to as Star Sapphires).

Lantern Corp Power Rings choose their wielder based on whether or not those individuals are exceptional in the emotion of that particular ring. For example, to be a Green Lantern, you need exceptional willpower and must have overcome great fear. To be chosen as a Red Lantern, you must have great rage in your heart. And to be a Blue Lantern, you must be able to inspire hope in whoever you meet. For example, Batman once obtained a Yellow Lantern Ring for being able to instill fear in so many criminals and Wonder Woman was once made an honorary Indigo Lantern for her constant showings of compassion toward friends and enemies alike.

However, the Orange and Indigo Lantern Rings are classified as “parasite types.” Indigo Rings are most compatible with individuals who lack compassion (despite Wonder Woman being compatible because of her compassion), completely changing their personality until the ring is removed, whereas the individual reverts back to their original persona. Then there’s the Orange Lantern Corp that entirely consumes their recipient, essentially stealing their souls to be turned into orange constructs that are controlled by the one leader of the Lantern Corp of Greed, Larfleeze.

Despite not being a parasite type, the Red Lantern Rings completely replace the blood of their chosen. Their new blood can then be used offensively to burn away almost any obstacle. This makes the removal of a Red Lantern Ring instantly fatal without being in the presence of a Blue Lantern, which can nullify the power of a Red Ring.

The variety of Lantern Rings have many different unique abilities that can be affected by other rings depending on where the rings are placed on the Emotional Spectrum. This includes the aforementioned ability of a Blue Ring to nullify a Red Ring, Green Lantern getting weakened by Yellow Rings, the Indigo Rings power to teleport large distances, and so on.

Based on what we know about Samus’ character and the many adventures she’s been on, which Lantern Rings would Samus qualify for and why, if any at all?

The most fitting would seem to be a Green Lantern ring since Samus’ Power Suit requires inhuman levels of will power in order to function and Samus has overcome great fear by defeating Ridley multiple times. But maybe she’d be just as good of a fit with the Yellow Lantern ring, as she’s certainly one of the most feared and dangerous beings in the galaxy. Could she be fit for a Red Lantern ring thanks to the results of Metroid Dread? Or maybe she’d be an honorary Indigo Lantern for the many ways she’s shown compassion towards others around her (although maybe her enemies haven’t been shown that same compassion).

What do you think? Would Samus qualify for any of the Lantern Rings, and if so, which one? Or maybe she’s a candidate for more than one? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter or in Discord!