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Join the Speedrunning Hall of Fame November 4th-6th As They Race Metroid Dread and More In Suport of the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Starting this Friday, November 4, Speedrun Hall of Fame is hosting Skip the Stigma, a non-stop 3-day streaming event to help benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Throughout the event, you’ll have the opportunity to join in and help celebrate the fun and passion of speedrunning, and of course watch speedruners do what they do best.

For those looking out for Metroid in particular, the Metroid Dread speedrun will kick off Sunday, November 6 at 3 pm EST. Kekumanshoyu, currently a top performer for Metroid Dread, will be attempting Any% with no major glitches on Normal Difficulty. This means they’ll be shooting for the fastest time without any item requirements–they can collect “any percentage” of items throughout their run. Additionally, they won’t be able to use any of the major glitches as defined over at; for example, the Shine Sink or Camera Lock. 

So whether you’re a Metroid fan, a Zelda fan, or even a Doom fan, check out the schedule of events and join in on the fun.

Speedrun Hall of Fame was setup in 2021 in hopes of establishing a community that supports and celebrates the hobby of speedrunning. Additionally, they endeavor to give back to the community by hosting charitable events such as Skip the Stigma where they can drive awareness for meaningful causes.


Source: Speedrun Hall of Fame