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Omega Metroid Merch Now Available: Show Your Love For Omega Metroid With These Fresh Fits!

It seems like just yesterday that Omega Metroid began as a small, humble podcast that had two guys talking about Metroid every week for an hour. Over the last three years, we’ve evolved from a podcast into a fully formed website complete with a news team, social media gurus, and Patreon channel. Now, we’re excited to announce the next evolution for Omega: SWAG!

That’s right! You can now rock an Omega hoodie or tee, available now at our Etsy store. There’s only one design as of right now, but more will be incoming soon (and not just from Omega Metroid either; there will be some exclusive Zelda Cast merch hitting soon!). I’ve personally ordered both a hoodie and tee to make sure that the quality was up to par, and I was super pleased with the results!

Check out our store and consider supporting the website by showing off your love for Omega Metroid!