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Check Out These Influences on Metroid You Might Not Know About

Metroid’s influences are often boiled down to a single film: Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien. This isn’t a problem in it of itself, but it is limiting in its scope.

“Critical Kate” Willært seeks to cast a wider net, looking at what else has influenced the classic Nintendo franchise. Willært covers everything from Namco’s side-scrolling shooter Baraduke (which featured the “shocking reveal” a whole year before Metroid!) to the 1980s anime Space Cobra.

Featuring excellent research that will leave you with new insights about the first three games in the series (along with some bonus Zelda content), Metroid’s Influences Beyond Alien is a great watch.

What are your thoughts after watching this video? Do you have any other lesser known series or games that you think inspired Metroid?


Source: A Critical Hit! | “Critical Kate” Willært