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Episode 208 – Honoring 30 Years of Super Metroid

Welcome to a very special episode of the show, as we honor the 30th anniversary of one of – if not the – greatest games of all time: Super Metroid! The game that brought Andy and Lillith, who joins us this episode, into the series and had a major influence over the creation of this very podcast and the Omega Metroid community is in the spotlight, as we share our favorite memories of the game, our first thoughts when we played it, and what it means to us. We also take a look at the incredible legacy Super Metroid left on the Metroidvania genre, the speedrunning community, 2D games post-SNES era, and music that has lived on for generations!

Come reminisce and share your favorite memories of Super Metroid with us as we honor this incredible game over the next few weeks on the show!





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