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Episode 116 – Metroid Prime 4 Finally Shows Up and More Nintendo Direct Predictions!

Although as of yet still unannounced, a Nintendo Direct is looming, and a big one at that, as the Direct that would normally air during E3 (if E3 were still happening, that is) is always a big one, and we’re a week away from that time! This week, Andy and Doom are having a back and forth competition to see who can more picks right, but BOTH agree that it’s finally time for Metroid Prime 4 to make an appearance. But what about the long rumored Metroid Prime HD? What about the rest of the Trilogy? Will Metroid Dread get any more updates? In non-Metroid picks, do we finally get the curtain pulled back on Breath of the Wild 2? What kind of showing will Mario Kart have? And the fellas BOTH think that it’s time for Donkey Kong to make a return, but disagree about what direction it will take!

All these predictions, PLUS guesses on Xenoblade, Bayonetta, Hollow Knight, Kirby, and more! Come tell us what you think of our picks and let us know what you’re looking forward too most!





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