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Check Out This Video About How Metroid Prime 4 Could Be Designed

With the release of Metroid Prime Remastered, we now have a hint, or at least a reminder, of what Metroid Prime 4 could look and play like. As Metroid Prime 4 speculation has been given new life, the latest video from hotcyder on YouTube jumps right back into discussion.

Since nothing visual about Metroid Prime 4 exists to use as a basis, hotcyder’s video acts as a wish list of sorts.

hotcyder starts with a look at how Metroid Prime came to be, and then goes into what makes Metroid Prime work, followed by aspects of Metroid Prime 2 and 3 that could very well influence the development of Metroid Prime 4, as well as showcasing some of what hotcyder would like to see from each.

The next section of the video is about evaluating the Metroid series as a whole: how the series has progressed over time and how the direction that the franchise has taken in recent years could impact the game.

The last section touches on what Prime 4 could actually look like based on rough sketches and footage from previous games as reference. Metroid Prime 3’s use of giving Samus older abilities more application is a good place to start.

How else could previous abilities be expanded upon in Prime 4? What new weapons or power ups could be introduced? How could elements from recent first person shooters be included?

Let us know what you thought of the video down below!


Source: hotcyder