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Episode 82: Our Final Hopes For Metroid Dread + Samus & Chill Talk!

We are THREE DAYS AWAY from Metroid Dread. Wow. It feels unbelievable, but it’s true. We’ve seen a lot in the build up to Dread, but here, the boys are talking about their final hopes for any features that we haven’t seen yet: the return of old bosses, details on the Galactic Federation, an amazing score with original tunes, new and creative monsters, post game support, and so much more!

PLUS, the guys are joined this week by Tune in with Chewie, the artist behind the recently released Samus & Chill lofi album. We chat with Chewie about the origins of the album, what his favorite Metroid tracks are, the legalities of making an album like this, and what his thoughts on the upcoming Metroid Dread are!

This is an action packed show, so make sure you tune in, and please support Chewie and GameChops by checking out Samus & Chill here, where you can pledge to the vinyl campaign!


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