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Check Out The Orpheon’s New Video About Kraid

Kraid has been an iconic part of the Metroid franchise since the very beginning. Kraid has been immortalized as an iconic member of Samus’s rogues gallery with his appearances through various Metroid games and plenty of appearances in Super Smash Brothers. However, is there more to this giant lizard than just being a massive boss and set piece for whatever Metroid game Kraid stars in? Has Kraid made any appearances outside of the Metroid game most people know about? If so, what happened? For anyone who’s ever been curious, The Orpheon has got you covered with his video that goes in depth into Metroid’s resident behemoth.

Kraid’s first appearance was in the game that started it all back on the NES. Players would have to delve into the depths of Brinstar to track down and defeat the first of two “locks” of sorts to enter the final area of the game, Tourian. This is no small feat when you consider that between Kraid and Ridley, despite being the first boss players are intended face in the original Metroid as well as its remake Metroid Zero Mission Kraid is the more difficult of the two. This is assuming you can find Kraid since his lair is a labyrinth and there’s even a look alike fans have dubbed “Fake Kraid” that’s distinguishable with his different color scheme and not being in a boss arena. Kraid’s next appearance is perhaps his most important with Super Metroid. In the first Metroid Kraid was barely larger than Samus, but in Super Metroid it doesn’t take long for Kraid to reveal his true height of being one of the largest monsters Samus has taken down, even to this day. A memorable moment for all players back in the day that also used Kraid’s now much larger belly spikes as platforms for those skilled enough.

This is just the beginning of what The Orpheon discusses, Kraid has been in so much more than most are familiar with. Kraid may not have been in the Prime series, but he’s had multiple appearances in Smash Bros, both as a stage hazard and having a spot in Smash Bros Ultimate’s World of Light where he… owns a dojo? There’s more to Kraid than you might have expected, and the only way to find out more is to check out the video down below! How much of what The Orpheon discusses did you know about? Let us know in the comments as well!


Source: The Orpheon