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Check Out This Showcase of Cool Hidden Details from Metroid Dread

After the decade-spanning wait for Metroid Dread, it’s no surprise that fans have scoured through every inch of the game to uncover all of its secrets and surprises.

After finding 20 cool details in Metroid Dread, the Looygi Bros. followed up with 8 more videos covering the details of this fantastic new entry to the Metroid franchise.

Looygi Bros.’ 9-part video series covers all sorts of particulars in Metroid Dread, ranging from the Game Over screen looking similar to the E.M.M.I. vision HUD, to dynamic sound effects depending on Samus’ position, and so much more.

The embedded video below will take you to the 9th and final part of this video series, but in the video’s description you can find a link to all the other parts of this series.


Source: Looygi Bros