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The Great Metroid Area Ranking: Biosphere (Other M) + Phaaze + Ghavoran

Welcome back to The Great Metroid Area Ranking, the Hunter-Tier Patreon exclusive show where I, Andy Spiteri, will be ranking every single area in the Metroid series! This month, I’m joined by Ultra-Tier Patron and friend of the show Quaidrunner (or Paul, as I know him!) to talk about the list thus far, how a final area like Phaaze should be judged against regular areas, if Metroid Dread’s Ghavorin is the first stinker on the list, and if it’s possible to separate the sins of Other M from one of it’s cooler areas, Sector 1 Biosphere! Lots of thought provoking topics on this months show, so you won’t want to miss it!

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